Product Introduction Of Industrial Bolt Factory

  • Non-standard screws are screws whose specifications are not within the national standard. Do you know why there are non-standard screws? Today weigao Industrial Bolt Factory will explain to you the reasons for non-standard screws.

    1. Environmental restrictions. For example: (M9×1) threads can be tapped in a 10×1 pipe.

      2. Corporate behavior. For example: the lock bed of a household sewing machine is (M5×1) thread.

      Non-standard screws of China Stud Supplier need to be customized. GB screws do not need to be made to order, generally as long as the specifications are matched, they can be used. Commonly used national standard specifications are everywhere on the market. Another point is to be explained; national standard screws also have non-optimal products, which are also to be customized. Because there are not many people who use it, the manufacturer does not stock it.