Path of Exile update 1.95 patch brings Scourge improvements

  • With the release of Path of Exile: Scourge, Grinding Gear Games recently released a brand new Path of Exile update, introducing many bug fixes and improvements. In the past, players may find some mistakes in exploring the game. Now GGG has brought repairs and improvements to Scourge, and it will also bring players a smoother game experience. But if players want to survive in the game, then they’d better POE Currency Buy to improve themselves.

    Here are the console specific instructions for Path of Exile update 1.95. Through the Decorations Tab of Personal and Guild Hideouts, access to unlimited Hideout Decorations is realized (not including the purchased Microtransaction Hideout Decorations). Fixed an error that caused the Stash Tabs sequence to not be saved. Fixed a bug that caused the Tradeboard filter to reset between searches. Fixed a bug that caused Subterranean Chart not to display Sulphite. Fixed a bug that prevented The Metamorph Vat from being activated. Fixed a client crash during Beastcrafting.

    Here are some improvements of Scourge. For some disadvantages that can directly offset the advantages, Scourged items will no longer be able to produce them. For example, items with “Added Physical Damage” cannot produce “Deal no Physical Damage” as a disadvantage. Using this modifier to kill the enemies in the map The amount of Blood gained has also increased. So many players will buy POE Currency to enhance themselves in order to kill more enemies.

    The Scourged Map modifier allows players to switch to Nightmare when they reach their maximum health. It will now slightly lose health over time, although losing health when killing Scourge Monster has been reduced to 0.4%. Now, when players are removed from Nightmare, it will also cause them to lose all their blood. Scourged Maps that transform into Nightmare when they reach maximum health can no longer teleport them to Incursion when leaving Nightmare.