Some content and features of Path of Exile update 1.94

  • GGG brought Path of Exile: Scourge update 1.94 some time ago, which brings some new content and improvements. Although many players have Buy POE Currency to deal with the game before this, but for some novice players, they need to have a sufficient understanding of the game to improve quickly. Here is what players need to know about the new content.

    Two new Gem Socket Notches options have been added to the game: Small Notches and Large Pattern. Players can change between these Socket Notches and Default Sockets in the UI page of the option panel. Stackable items dropped from treasure chests and rewards at the end of encounters (such as Delve, Ritual, Incursion, Delirium and Blight) will no longer drop multiple identical POE Items. Instead, they organize it into a single combined stack of projects.

    Absence of Value and Meaning, and Pale Court’s Map Fragments now have a Stack Size of 10. The Stack Size of Scarabs is now 10. Incubators will now display levels on their Tooltip and Icon items. Now you can also stack Incubators of the same type and item level. The Stack Size is 10.

    If some players are the current leaders, they can now promote a party member to replace them as the leader of their party. Many players will buy POE Currency to purchase equipment, and now when inserting Explosive Concoction or Poisonous Concoction Skills in their equipped items, An Explosive or Poisonous Flask will now be visually attached to the belt. The visual gain effect of Bone Armour has also been updated in the game. If players want to explore in the game, they must buy POE Currency in advance. Go!