Path of Exile released Patch 3.16.0b to make some improvements

  • The release of each league is not perfect. Path of Exile: Scourge is the same. After the release of this new extension, there will be some imbalances and areas for improvement in the game. Some players have already POE Currency Buy to put their energy into the league, but they may find that there are some mistakes in the game. This patch is to fix and improve these errors.

    Scourge Improvements
    1. The damage of Ravenous Bloodshaper’s Blood Orb and Spike Barrage skills has been reduced.
    2. The damage to Demon Herder’s Vomit and Beam skills has been reduced.
    3. Reduced the number of Monsters with Proximity Shields that can be generated in certain Scourge encounters. If players want to defeat monsters easily, they need enough POE Currency to buy powerful equipment.
    4. The damage to the ground explosion of Baranite Thaumaturge has been reduced. This change will not affect Baranite Thaumaturge Spectres.

    Bug fix.
    1. Fixed the bug that the color of the Skin of the Loyal Unique slot can be modified.
    2. Fixed the bug that the portal to Betrayal Safehouse or Temple of Atzoatl could not be opened from the guild hideout.
    3. Fixed the 20% chance of avoiding stun resistance and Ailment Protection Mastery not providing Stun Avoidance errors.
    4. Fixed the bug that the Guardian’s Challenge Divination Card sold by Zana had no price.
    5. Fixed the bug that Mansion Contracts sold by Whakano had no price.

    Many players may have advanced in the game now. They may find it easy in the early stages of the game, and can get some other loot, such as POE Orbs or POE Items. But if they don’t have enough POE Currency, it may be difficult in the later stages of the game. So players had better buy POE Currency in advance. Go!

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