Patch 3.16.0b brings improvements to Path of Exile: Scourge

  • GGG released Patch 3.16.0b for Path of Exile to bring some improvements to Scourge recently, including a progress bar showing corrosion absorption under the items stored in Blood Crucible. It also fixes some minor bugs, which will optimize the game experience for players greatly. If they want to get better performance, then players can buy POE Currency in advance.

    Scourge Improvements. The Tainted Mythic Orb was introduced in Scourge league. This POE Orbs will now “unpredictably” upgrade any Corrupted rare item to unique. Another major improvement of the game mechanics is that the Corruption absorbed meter, which was unique when players hover over an item, can now be seen conspicuously under the items stored in Blood Crucible. If players have rare POE Items they need, they can POE Currency Buy to get them.

    Bug fixes. This patch also contains some notable bug fixes. For example, the issue where the item filter assigned the value of “BaseDefensePercentile” to zero instead of 100 for weapons and jewelry has been fixed. Solved the problem that Zana’s Fortune Preference Brave Map device option could not open the map. In addition, Watchstones that previously could not fall from Conquerors after defeating them will now drop as usual. If players want to enhance themselves quickly, they can buy POE Currency to get some powerful weapons.

    This patch will give players a better gaming experience, and some abnormal problems or bugs in the game can also be fixed. Before playing Path of Exile: Scourge, players need to prepare sufficient POE Currency. This will enhance the players’ gaming experience.