Path of Exile: Scourge has gained a lot of players

  • Path of Exile: The Scourge extension has been available on PCs and consoles for several days now. Many players have already POE Currency Buy in advance to get a better performance in the new league. On the PC, the circulation of Path of Exile hit a new high, with the highest number of simultaneous online users reaching 254,570, which is 96% of the historical high. Besides the initial feedback, the Path of Exile team has some recent activities coming soon.

    The release of Scourge was not perfect, and the Grinding Gear team had to disable project links until it released the patch. As players search for POE Currency or earn POE Currency in the game, they may find some errors in the game. The project link caused a problem with the server and caused a crash, so chat was temporarily disabled at first and then resumed, but the project link was only recently closed. The team is paying attention to more performance data, and repairs and optimizations will be made once errors occur.

    One problem mentioned by the player is that the deformation bar on the Scourge item is not obvious enough and needs to be viewed by hovering the mouse over it, so this will change. Blood Crucible may also need to make some changes to make its status more visible, so when it is full, expect some change to make it more clear. When they were about to kill, they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to use all of Scourge’s human blood. If players want to get some useful POE Items, they can buy POE Currency to get them.

    The Path of Exile Twitch channel will host the Twitch Rivals Path of Exile Royale tournament. This time, the contestants will compete individually, but if they survive on the last game, there will be a boss fight to be resolved. There is also a $30,000 pot online, and it opened Twitch Drops for viewers. So they’d better buy POE Currency in advance to enhance their strength so that they can easily defeat the enemy.