Some new features of Path of Exile: Scourge

  • For PC and Mac players, these days seem to excite and exciting times. Because Path of Exile: Scourge has been launched, compared with the previous Expedition League, this Scourge League brings a lot of interesting and exciting new content. Players can find more interesting new content and fresh and interesting new gameplay in the game. Therefore, for some players who want to get excellent results in the new league, they can prepare enough POE Currency.

    Passive skill tree rework: Passive Skill Masteries. For Scourge, PoE developers rebalanced all passive skills, focused their power on one primary function, and transferred many niche statistics to a new system called “Passive Skill Masteries”. When players assign their first Notable passive skill in the cluster, a Mastery will appear. Putting skill points into this, Mastery will allow them to choose from a list of more advanced statistics that match the overall theme of the cluster. This new system should help make trees easier to understand and less intimidating, and provide players with more freedom to plan their passive skill mapping as they level up. They can also POE Currency Buy to make their role more powerful.

    New Path of Exile Skill Gems. Path of Exile: Scourge introduces many new skill gems to help create more new buildings than ever before. Some of them allow players to convert their Energy Shields into Energy Blades, summon a deadly Tornado powered by their own projectiles, and even allow their characters to go back in time through the cracks of time. A lot of skill gems have been added to the game. If the players still find it difficult, they can prepare some POE Currency.

    Players who are interested can view more detailed information on the official website, or they can buy POE Exalted Orb at POECurrency. There they can also get some game guides, which will increase players’ understanding of the game and better adapt to the gameplay. Try it!