Some notes about the Path of Exile: Scourge season

  • Path of Exile: Scourge has been launched, Blood Crucible has been added to the game, players can also upgrade items, and a complete passive skill tree has been reworked to add “Masteries”. A lot of new content will be launched soon, including Scourge Challenge League, new skill gems, redesigned passive skill tree, endgame improvements, new unique items and more. If players want to have an outstanding performance in the game, it is necessary to prepare sufficient POE Currency.

    Use The Blood Crucible to upgrade items. After acquiring Blood Crucible, it will be filled with the blood of countless enemies killed by players. Once it reaches a certain level, this device will be activated, and it will take players into another Wraeclast ravaged by the demon known as The Scourge. The more blood players collect, the longer they will enter the parallel world, and the more damage they will suffer. So it is very useful for players to buy POE Currency to buy defensive equipment.

    They can also put items in Blood Crucible, and after killing enough enemies in the more evil Wraeclast, it will be upgraded with a pair of “Scourged” modifiers. One of them is a useful module, and the other is a harmful module, which may really affect the player’s construction. Items can be re-rolled by killing more monsters, which will provide a new set of modifiers. Players can also upgrade Blood Crucible, which has its own passive skill tree, giving it more inventory slots, faster item transformation, and so on. If players still have specific items they want, they can also buy POE Currency to get them.

    This time the Scourge League brings a lot of interesting and exciting new content, and players who are interested in it are best to experience it in the game. There is a lot of new content not mentioned, players can POE Currency Buy to explore in the game. Go!