Explanation of The Blood Crucible in Path of Exile: Scourge

  • Path of Exile's latest league is underway, and players are preparing to buy POE Currency to deal with its new mechanism: Blood Crucible. This evil item is located next to the players' inventory. The players give it an item, and then the more they venture into another area that it teleports into after killing the enemy, it will gradually upgrade.

    Players can participate in Path of Exile: The Blood Sacrifice of Scourge, and they often do this by simply playing the game and murdering the inhabitants of the island that they seem destined to sharpen. Scourge will start from now until the next major update in about three months. Unless players don’t participate, they should adapt to collecting blood from their fallen enemies to make these boots more shiny. Or players can POE Currency Buy in advance.

    After leaving Lioneye’s Watch, players can get Blood Crucible from The Last to Die, and then they can also equip it. Once they do this, the entire game will focus on the need for "corruption", because they will earn blood for killing them, which can then be used to enter another dimension, where players will do more killings and happen All the murders in this place then players will get points, which will be used to upgrade the items of their choice. They can also buy POE Currency to get the items they need.

    Blood Crucible Skills. PoE also introduces a new Scourge skill system, which is completely related to Blood Crucible. With it, players will be able to upgrade the crucible itself and bring players more things in the game. If players have the equipment they need, they can also Buy POE Currency to get it. Each map they enter has a limited time, how long players can stay in another dimension, and then it will distort them back to where they entered, so players should not activate the cauldron immediately before they are fully prepared.