Some new content of Path of Exile: Scourge

  • The arrival of Path of Exile: Scourge seems to affect the heartstrings of every Path of Exile fan. Players can find a lot of new content in this new league. For top players, this is undoubtedly challenging, so many players have prepared enough POE Currency in advance. In the Scourge League, many new content that players have not experienced have been added, and new items have also been brought. Players can see some updated new content here.

    Blood Crucible is an equipment implanted in players’ bodies. Players can insert items into Blood Crucible, allowing items to kill Scourge while absorbing the corruption in parallel reality. Players need to be strong enough to kill enough Scourge so that they can deform items. So it is very necessary to POE Currency Buy. When it does this, it will be corroded and get a pair of Scourged Modifiers. One of them is a useful module, and the other is a harmful module. These cursed modules are besides the conventional explicit and implicit modules or enchantments placed on items with high risk and high reward mechanisms.

    These harmful modules can significantly increase the requirements of items, punish character statistics (such as resistance) or completely shut down various mechanisms, such as the ability to cause fire damage or gain recharge. This will balance the beneficial and harmful mods and create a powerful project. All equipment can be whipped and changed up to 3 times, each time you get a better mod. If players want better items, they can also use POE Currency to get the POE Items they want.

    In addition, Path of Exile: Scourge enables players to place maps and their equipment in Blood Crucible. When a map absorbs enough corruption and deformation, it will have beneficial and harmful effects in the same way as a piece of equipment, but it can also receive a correction that completely changes the behavior of the Scourge League on the map. It can convert maps up to 10 times, and each time will significantly increase its risk and reward, but please be careful not to convert these maps multiple times, as they may become too dangerous to complete. But in the face of dangerous tasks, players can buy POE Currency to enhance their strength and complete tasks easily.