What is the Custom Injection Moulding Machine?

  • The injection moulding machine is one of the most common machines in use today and is a key component in the manufacture of thousands of items. By using the machine you can manufacture plastic products of any shape and size. By choosing a quality machine your company can benefit from low production costs as well as increased profits due to a higher volume of product sales. In this article we look at what is the custom injection moulding machine and why it is so frequently used.

    The basic function of the custom injection moulding machine is to rapidly manufacture repetitive copies of specific products. The machine operates by feeding a liquid material through the machine in small bursts, known as 'loads' into the mould which is then filled with powder 'feed' (also known as 'hot bed' or 'die bar'). Injection molding is generally a simple manufacturing procedure for creating identical parts by rapidly loading (and ejecting) a hot metal object into a mould.

    In the past the most popular way of creating these identical products was by manually cranking or pumping the mould. The downside to this method was that the operator had to stand by the mould while the hot metal object melted and set in the desired position. Another issue was that the heated object emitted smoke which could be a fire hazard if not removed effectively. Finally, manual operation of this type of machine was often difficult requiring regular sessions of reprogramming to alter the functioning of the machine.

    The modern machine is designed to offer users the perfect product solution, reducing product-production time, saving money, improving product quality and saving labour. Because the machine operates at such high speeds, fewer operators are required to operate the machines as opposed to manually cranking or hand-feeding the moulds. Further, the user is able to adjust the speed of the machine, which increases efficiency through precisely controlled speed injection. Finally, the user can increase or decrease the feed rate of the mould and the product will arrive at the intended final stage more quickly.

    The injection moulding machines are available in both open and enclosed models. For most types of moulds the enclosed model offers a better quality than the open type due to the fact that the heat is not escaping from the enclosed unit. However, the cost of this option is dependent upon the type and size of the mould that require to be built. Once you have decided to build your mould, it is essential that you choose the best material for your needs. It may be tempting to use plastic, but remember polyethylene is the ideal choice due to its durability, strength and adaptability. Polypropylene is also an ideal choice; it is lightweight, strong, durable, resistant to mildew and easily cleaned.

    The final factor that you need to consider is the cost of the machine. The cost of your custom injection moulding machines will depend upon several factors, such as the size and shape of the mould, its complexity, and the number of features that you require. If you are looking to save money then you can always opt to buy a used machine. This is especially useful if you are starting out, because the cost of a machine new could well eat into your business profits.