Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows - Energy Efficient Option

  • Compared to other materials such as vinyl and wood, thermally broken aluminum windows possess excellent strength. They are more resistant to impact than other kinds of frames and can survive exposure to flames and heavy rain storms with little or no damage. Unfortunately, insects such as termites and carpenter ants are not attracted to aluminum framing such as they are to wood. Vinyl, on the other hand, is vulnerable to breaking and warping in high temperatures.

    One of the disadvantages of thermally broken aluminum windows is that they reduce energy transfer through their frames. Because the frame's thickness increases, energy loss through thermal bridging - the loss of thermal energy due to gaps in the frame - is increased. This means that windows made out of this material will trap heat within even when the ambient room temperature is low.

    But don't worry; this type of broken window can be repaired easily. You just need to repair the thermally broken aluminum window first before you replace the original frame with a new one. The fix involves cutting the damaged part off, welding it to the opening, and adding an extra layer of insulating material on the inside. This way, the weakened spot is covered up and the room ambient temperature gradually becomes comfortable. This method has been widely used because it does not involve the use of any dangerous heat-resistant glue.

    The addition of double glass panels will improve energy efficiency by up to 40% once these doors are properly installed. However, these thermally broken aluminum windows do have another big advantage. These doors provide better weather resistance. This means that they can actually prevent some types of external damage to your home from natural weather changes. For instance, the doors specially designed to keep hot and cold air inside can keep your house free from damage from extreme summer heat and cold during winter.

    You can purchase doors with thermal break that already have an effective air barrier. This means that they are already equipped with the best way to combat outside temperatures. They are also available in a wide variety of colors and designs that will definitely complement the theme of your home. This is the perfect solution for those who want to ensure their houses have high level of protection against external climate changes. You can even find energy-efficient versions of these broken aluminum windows. But if you want your house to look more modern, then you can choose doors with clear windows.

    You can also prevent excessive heat build up by investing in thermal break glass. This is very much like having a double layer of insulation installed inside your house. This way, you can make your house more efficient in terms of energy consumption. It is also very useful in terms of protecting your furniture from extreme weather conditions and preventing heat transfer. In addition, this window frame section feature can help make your house more attractive as it has an endless array of color options.