The Effect of Water Jet In The Cutting of Ordinary Glass And la

  • In fact, the improvement of different associated industries has additionally promoted the growth of waterjet cutting machine's processing to a sure extent. For example, when the use of glass merchandise increases, the slicing science of merchandise need to naturally be in addition improved, and the use of water jet cutting machine is the solution. This trouble is solved. Not solely normal glass, this reducing science additionally brings advantages to the reducing system of laminated glass.

    1. Disadvantages of slicing glass with the aid of normal slicing techniques

    Glass is brittle product, so regular mechanical slicing is convenient to injury it, ensuing in a giant quantity of fabric wasted, and the effectivity is distinctly low, and tough operations such as curve slicing and complicated form slicing are even not possible to achieve.


    2. The waterjet manufacture is totally succesful of processing glass products

    If you reduce the dirt from the gear with a water jet cutter, the end result will be totally different. For flat glass, water jet reducing can produce any geometric figures. What is extra hard is the slicing size, the lovely slicing appearance, and the superb reducing quality. In addition, in the course of the entire reducing process, there will be no warmness generation, so environmental safety and protection are additionally its advantages.

    In addition to the slicing of flat glass, the water jet can additionally entire the curved reducing and punching of the glass, and it does now not require a mold, so it is extra bendy and handy to operate, and it will now not injury the glass.


    3. Waterjet slicing operation for laminated glass

    Because there is a layer of plastic in the laminated glass, it is very tough to cut. Diamond cutters have been used to reduce before, however due to the fact the higher and decrease glass slits are challenging to align, the laminated layer in the glass is now not solely challenging to cut, however additionally handy to shrink. The trouble of deformation.

    After the use of the water jet machine, even such a workpiece composed of three layers of substances can be reduce smoothly, no longer solely barring deviation, however except affecting the overall performance of the material, this technical trouble has been efficaciously overcome.