What Materials Can Waterjet Machine Cut ?

  • Well be aware of , the waterjet cutting machine has a very broad vary of uses. Today let us talk waterjet applicated in stone area and glass field. Teenking is a huge a expert waterjet manufacture. The water jet computing device we produced can reduce a range of substances from meals and paper to bulletproof substances and nickel alloys. glass, rubber, stone, plastic etc.

    Stone marble, granite etc. and ceramic slicing ( Sone waterjet cutting):

    In the stone and ceramic processing industries, the standard slicing approach is commonly noticed blade cutting. Generally, it can solely reduce straight lines. When reducing curves are needed, first make a template that meets the dimension requirements. After preliminary cutting, it is realized through guide grinding. Flexibility It is no longer high, and it is noisy, dusty, and low in efficiency.

    The benefits of water jet slicing in stone ceramics are obvious:

    1. Smooth, excessive reducing quality, no "burst edge" will be fashioned on the facet of the reduce after cutting;

    2. water jet cutting machine, excessive precision, and uniform seams, which can be used to make very complicated and stunning puzzles and murals;

    3. waterjet reducing is fast, product consistency, accurate interchangeability, can recognise the automated nesting feature and enhance the working environment, decrease the have an impact on of dirt and noise on the operator.

    4. As the predominant processing equipment in the ceramic and stone industry, water jet machine are broadly used. Its brilliant function is the full curve slicing of royal blue ceramic stone. Common instances include: large-scale ceramic artwork murals, ground mosaics in the lobby, ceramic artwork screens, special-shaped kitchen and loo countertops, stone artwork furniture, etc.

    Glass waterjet cutting

    Nowadays, glass is used extra and greater in all walks of life. On the one hand, it promotes the improvement of the glass industry, and on the different hand, it additionally places ahead extra diverse needs for the glass enterprise and glass products. The addition of water reducing science affords a rapid and handy answer for the variety of glass products. Glass is fragile, and there is a lot of waste of cloth when the use of mechanical slicing methods, whilst thermal reducing techniques such as laser and plasma are not often used. Manual slicing strategies are much less efficient, challenging to reduce curves, and even much less in a position for poor complicated sample cutting. So water jet slicing laptop can resolve all the query meet.


    Water slicing has the following advantages:

    For flat glass, any geometric figures can be processed by using waterjet cutting;
    The reducing dimension is correct and beautiful, and the reduce is frosted;
    No warmness is generated for the duration of cutting, and the slit will no longer motive any scratches, which is protected and environmentally friendly;
    It can reduce any curve, no mould is needed, it is bendy and convenient, and the operation is easy and convenient.