Two Types of Teenking Waterjet 5axis Cutting Head

  • 1. 5 axis 3D waterjet cutting head
    It can no longer solely on the floor of the workpiece, observe the inside and exterior contour of the graph determine to reduce at a constant or altering indirect Angle,(In some cases, IGEMS aid is required) and the third-dimensional workpiece floor can be reduce at a constant or variable indirect Angle (in some cases, IGEMS CAM aid is required). The most Angle can attain to +/-90 degree, and the rotation axis is no longer restrained (can rotate indefinitely ahead and backward).

    Teenking 5axis waterjet with 3D slicing head is the processing enterprise covers the widest vary of slicing tools, can deal with complicated processing requirements, for example, excessive vertical necessities ,compensation for reducing the vertical degree, reduce all sorts of groove, high-precision cutting, even desires to make a vertical or unique perspective slicing in the identical floor or third-dimensional workpieces ,Teenking waterjet cutting machine with 3D head can fulfill all these requirements.

    Maximum a-axis tilt angle: + / - 60 ranges (can be prolonged to + / - ninety degrees)
    Maximum rotation attitude of C axis: + / - countless rotation angle
    The most extensively used, appropriate for all sorts of slicing processing customers. To deal with a number complicated slicing requirements, Teenking 3D reducing head is your solely choice!


    two 5-axis DYP dynamic reducing head
    The 5-axis DYP dynamic slicing head of Teenking waterjet cutting machinery can reduce the workpiece floor at a constant or variable attitude (supported by using IGEMS CAM) following the internal and outer contour of the diagram figure. The most attitude variant can attain + / - 10 degrees, and the reducing accuracy is very high


    The 5-axis DYP dynamic reducing head of Teenking waterjet basically offers with the slicing with excessive verticality requirements, leaving no arc at the sharp corner, in particular appropriate for metallic precision slicing and additionally mosaic of ceramic and stone cutting.