Waterjet Parquet And Waterjet Classification

  • Waterjet parquet is a procedure of reducing stone or steel with high-pressure water flow. Computer manage can make sure that the reducing side is neat and beautiful. The waterjet cutting machine is used to reduce a variety of colours of stone into pre-designed shapes, and then spliced ​​with distinctive glue.

    Classification of waterjet parquet:
    1. Stone waterjet parquet
    Stone waterjet parquet is the use of waterjet to reduce a number shades of stone into the required shapes. Stone parquet is frequently used in megastar hotels, massive buying malls, villas, dwelling rooms, eating places and porches.

    2. Metal waterjet parquet
    The steel used for waterjet parquet is more often than not stainless metal and copper. The shade is fantastically simple. It is typically used to make some organisation or motel signs, and the aggregate of stone to mix some parquet patterns.

    Waterjet classification:
    According to the state of affairs of the use of abrasive or not, waterjet cutting machinery is divided into two methods: abrasive reducing and pure water cutting.


    Divided by means of equipment: Divided into massive waterjet and transportable waterjet.


    Divided by means of pressure: divided into excessive strain kind and low stress type, normally with 100MPa as the limit. Above 100MPa is a excessive stress type, and under 100MPa is a low stress type. The ultra-high stress kind is above 200MPa.


    Divided by means of mechanical structure: divided into cantilever kind and gantry type.


    Divided into secure cutting: divided into secure reducing and non-safe cutting, the distinction is normally in the water pressure, low strain water slicing under 100MPa can be used in distinctive industries such as: hazardous chemicals, petroleum, coal, hazardous substances treatment, etc. After a lot of experiments, human beings have located that when the water strain exceeds a sure threshold, even pure water will detonate some touchy chemicals.abrasive waterjet reducing is prompted with the aid of the doable power of the sand and the have an effect on pressure and the collision of the object. The power can additionally reason the instability of exceptional chemicals. After a giant variety of experiments and demonstrations, the threshold is ultimately round 237.6MPa. Therefore, in the waterjet cutting machine industry, waterjey cutting above 200MPa is normally used in the machining industry.