Teenking Waterjet Machine Introduction

  • Firstly : Teenking Company profile
    TEENKING CNC MACHINERY CO., LIMITED is a Chinese employer situated in 2003 with headquarters in Foshan town and a filial in Hong Kong . As a global producer, TEENKING had CE certificated due to the fact that 2006, and ISO9001 certificated in 2010, we additionally surpassed the reexamine each two years and preserve our manufacturing best in quality level. We already owned greater than 15 countrywide utility mannequin science patents, and three countrywide invention patents.


    Teenking agency predominant water knife cutting machine for sale we have small water knife reducing laptop and pinnacle water knife slicing laptop can let clients have extra preferences We are conserving the superior excessive technological know-how for 5 axis Dynamical and 3D waterjet cutting machine of designing and manufacturing pinnacle best waterjet slicing tools in China. 600MPa Ultra-high strain pump for reducing ultra-thick and top notch difficult materials, and high-efficiency servo direct-drive pump for electricity saving.


    Secondly: Teenking waterjet product description

    TK corporation is a expert waterjet machine manufacturer, and we can furnish 3axis water jet reducing desktop and 5 Axis 3D water jet reducing machine. three axis waterjets have already be extensively recognised via market. So right here basically introduce the 5-axis machine. In fact, the 5axis waterjet can be installation DV(DYP) slicing Head and 3D reducing head. Of course, the 5-axis 3D waterjet reducing computing device is presently the best-selling in the market, additionally 5 axis 3D is pinnacle classification configuration of our products. which can obtain a most of ninety ranges horizontal reducing and greater bevel slicing at unique angles.5-axis 3D waterjet reducing computing device there are two extra variations respectively are 3D HEAD IV with peak tracker and3D HEAD IV with peak mapping scanner. Of course, the produce value additionally is higher.


    But, 5 Axis DYP (DV) Beveling Cutting Head water jet will be some other famous choosing. Because the 5 axis DV reducing head produce price is decrease than 3D water jet machine, and software area typically are stone, ceramic tile, marble etc., due to the fact this area no want huge diploma cutting, Max tilting degree: +/-10° the accuracy is distinctly decrease than 5axis 3D reducing head, however the base price is additionally lower, it is the excellent answer for excessive first-class ceramic, marble pattern, anti-tilt and steel vertical precision reducing process. The extra model is the equal as 5 Axis 3D Cutting Head has 5X tilting head + stepping top tracker and 5X tilting head + peak mapping scanner.TK-Trump CNC Table High Pressure Pump divided into TK- Trump Gantry CNC Table and TK- Trump Fly arm CNC Table.