Have You Used A Customized Antenna?

  • Did you know that many times the reason why you hear nothing on your radio is because your antenna has been customized? Most of the time, the antenna that you have been listening to for years may be giving you false signals. Did you know that the majority of the time there is another signal broadcasting from a different location? This can cause interference with your radio's frequency. There are ways to fix this problem and get back on the airwaves.

    Did you know that an antenna specialist can often get your airwaves back into the frequency where they belong? Instead of purchasing expensive equipment you can have your antenna re-tuned for a small fee. Even if you already have a radio, you may want to have yours re-tuned. There have been cases where a person receives a false signal and assumes it is a local radio station. The antenna specialist will actually tune your radio for you and show you what you are missing.

    How many times have you used an antenna that does not really deserve your attention? Your antenna specialist can listen in on any conversation that uses that frequency. He or she will verify that it is a legitimate antenna. If it is not then he or she can make suggestions for a custom tuned radio. You may want to have your antenna re-tuned every few years so that you get the most benefit.

    Did you know that an antenna specialist can tell you if your radio is receiving any damage from being out in the elements for too long? Antennas do not receive the same amount of damage that radio receivers do. This can lead to significant savings over time. If you live in a mild climate, you may notice less noise coming from your radio as time goes by.

    Did you know that an antenna specialist can tune up your existing antenna as well? This can extend its life by many years. When you go to purchase a new dish, the salesman will likely ask you if you have used a customized antenna. You can easily let them know that you have and they will give you the information that you need to choose the right radio for you.

    There are other advantages that come with having a customized antenna as well. Your signal is stronger and you can pick up on those faint radio signals that otherwise would not be heard. These radios are also easier to travel with and you do not have to have it connected to a traditional electric outlet. All in all, if you are looking for a better experience, consider customizing your existing antenna. You will likely like the results and find that it is worth the investment.