What is the Alcove Soaking Tub?

  • One of the most exciting bathroom fixtures in a new home or remodel can be found in the alcove sinking and jacuzzi tub. The sinks are located in a central location above the tub. The alcove sink and jacuzzi have a built-in rain shower for added convenience. The tub and shower combination is available with a variety of jets and features.

    The basic model of the alcove soaking tub has a front wall that has a built-in, adjustable leg rest for comfortable floating. In addition, the tub features a two-handle controls for controlling the suction power and lower jets. Other features include a removable, machine-washable seat with contoured back and seat pads. In the model with a rain shower, the dual jets can be positioned to spray water from both sides of the body.

    A full-body shaver can be installed in the alcove soaking tubs. This appliance can be removed for cleaning. It also features a unique curved shape with a handle at the base. The tub can be pre-wired for safe installation. It is available with an optional heavy-duty motor.

    The jacuzzi tub includes a freestanding acrylic shower, controls for water temperature, controls for direction of the jets, and hand held showers. The Jacuzzi jets can be adjusted for soft, medium, or strong water pressures. A variable speed electric motor runs the controls. The Jacuzzi control unit can be placed on top of the tub. There is a locking lever on the base that prevents children or pets from using the tub while it is under use.

    Alcove saucet and stretcher does not include any extra features. It can be fitted with basic bathtub controls such as massaging controls, timer controls, pressure valves, and water level indicators. It can also be fitted with a massaging shower control.

    Alcove soaking tub include those with built in radio controls, over-sized shower heads, and additional storage bins for shampoo and rinses. Some models have steam showers. Others have additional conveniences such as built in whirlpools and Jacuzzis. Whatever your need or desire, there are tubs and shower combos that will fit your needs.