Corner Freestanding Bathtub Features

  • If you are looking for a new, unique bathroom look, the corner freestanding bathtub is a great choice. This unique bathroom fixture offers a truly unique look that provides an ambience not found elsewhere. The unique design of the corner freestanding bathtub features a deep, wide bowl surrounded by a circular, glass door set in a steel antique finish. The circular door pulls open to reveal a bench, matched with a unique glass "tourmaline" knob set in a brushed chrome finish. The bench adds to the design and comfort of this bathtub.

    The unique look of the corner freestanding bathtubs can make your bathroom features stand out. This style of tub is very unique and different from other models on the market today. A catty-corner round tub, with a glass antique finish and a bronze trim, sits on a granite tiled back splash over high, double curved metal shelves. The two curved, rounded edges of the shelf add to the edgy design of the tub. This unique look is perfect for any modern home.

    One of the unique, interesting features of this tub is the way it is designed to sit low to the ground and blend into the walls when it is not in use. With a full size tub sitting low to the ground and open back, it provides an open space in your bathroom features. When not in use, the full-size tub sits in the corner with the doors framed in steel, and its edges finished in shiny, brushed chrome. The large wide, deep bowl located on top of the "tourmaline" knob, completes this unique look.

    Since this unique style of tub comes in different sizes, it is important to choose the right floor tiles to go along with your freestanding bathtub. The ideal choice are heavy-duty acrylic grout tiles that go along with the ceramic or porcelain finish of the tub. The grout should have the same color as the bathtub, but should also be a slightly darker color. Because of the small opening in the corners of the door, there is no need for colored grout, but if you do choose a darker color, you can lightly paste a color marker on one of the edges of the "tourmaline" knob and along the entire edge of the door to make a nice contrast between the two.

    For something completely different, that goes along with the elegant design of this unique freestanding bathtub, you might want to consider a unique floor tile that has some different designs and patterns on it. For example, you may want a pattern of squares all matching up on the floor, or you may prefer a design of overlapping diamonds all coming together to form a solid border design. These are all great ideas and there are many different products on the market made with these designs so you will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right floor tile. Just remember to stay away from the "catty" tile patterns as they will not look good when placed next to a bathroom ceramic tile.

    Corner bathtubs are perfect for smaller bathrooms because they allow for a smaller space in which to accommodate a tub. With these unique bathroom features however, comes the responsibility of finding the right flooring material. A popular choice is porcelain tile. Although it is not the most beautiful option, it is very durable and easy to clean. Most porcelain tile comes with an anti-slide treatment that keeps it very secure and prevents it from becoming damaged like other cheaper materials. Also, since it is a ceramic, it will withstand stains and will not get damaged by hot pots and pans on the stove top.