Why You Should Consider an Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Air to water heat pump technology has been around for quite a while. However, it was not until recently that residential air to water heat pumps were developed. By their name, people more commonly know them by their simpler name: an air to water heater. The unit works similarly to the way the air conditioner operates, by taking in hot air from the outdoor air and then releasing it into the house.

    The way that the system works is by collecting the hot air in the air to be heated and then conditioning it with the use of a series of fans. Since hot water is essential in most systems, the system includes two separate systems - one for the water and one for the air. A separate condensing unit is used to reduce the amount of moisture that is in the air. In this way, the moisture is forced through ducting and is eliminated from the home before entering the house.

    There are many benefits associated with an air to water heat pump. The first benefit is that it uses less energy than a typical air conditioning and heating system. This is because the outdoor unit does not use an oil-fired furnace or combustion chamber. The air to water heat pump instead employs a closed circuit electrical heating system.

    Another benefit of air-source heat pumps is that they provide space heaters for those cold winter days. Instead of running your air conditioner all day long, you can simply turn on your air source heat pump. When the temperature drops into the single digits, the compressor turns on and begins circulating chilled water through your pipes. The chilled water is then sent through a collection reservoir and then into your home's thermostat where it is instantly turned on.

    Air to water heat pumps are much more cost effective than air to air heaters or radiant floor heaters. In addition, they provide a healthier environment since they do not use any form of fossil fuel such as natural gas, oil, coal, or wood. They also do not contribute to greenhouse gases, unlike their counterparts, the air to water heaters and radiant heating systems

    If you have been looking for ways to save money and be more efficient in your home, you may want to consider an air to water heating system. By doing so, you will find that you are able to conserve energy and reduce your overall heating costs. Also, you will find that your family is not exposed to the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, mercury, and other toxic air pollutants. Lastly, you can enjoy warmer, cleaner air that is healthy for you and your family.