Geothermal Heat Pumps

  • A ground source heat pump, also known as a geothermal heat pump, is a unique heating/cooling mechanism for residential buildings, which makes use of a unique type of ground source heat pump to transport heat from the earth to either your home business, or other outbuilding. The concept is simple enough: using the earth's heat and moisture content as a source of energy, it pumps this heat out into the air. This process is natural, effective, economical, sustainable, and promotes a healthy environment. This type of heating and cooling is a green technology that are rapidly gaining popularity, and more people are beginning to see how attractive it is for not only their homes, but for their businesses as well. If you have been considering installing a geothermal heat pump in your home, here are some of the main reasons why it would be a great choice.

    First of all, geothermal source heat pumps work in much the same way that fossil fuels work. You burn up fossil fuel, and the carbon and other pollutants that result become part of our air and the rest of the world's air. Through the seasons, this hot exhaust from burning fossil fuels causes the temperature of the earth to rise and fall, causing the ground to absorb the increased heat and moisture, and storing it in the soil, rocks, and other areas of the environment. If you install a geothermal unit, you will be replacing this harmful by-product with something that is good for you, clean, renewable, and sustainable.

    Installing a geothermal heat pump can also save you money. Most utility bills increase annually, especially in the summer months when you consume a lot of cooling fluid. A geothermal unit removes this requirement by using the earth's heat and natural moisture to produce the heating fluid needed to keep your home warm and comfortable. This means that you don't have to buy as much cooling fluid, and you don't have to worry about draining your boiler so much. In fact, if you use your heating and cooling system effectively, you may never have to drain your boiler at all.

    The second major benefit to installing an efficient geothermal energy system in your home is that it will significantly increase the resale value of your property. Because heating and cooling accounts for a large portion of your utility bill, having a system that efficiently removes this need from your system will help greatly reduce what you pay each month. In addition to this, by using less energy, you'll also have more money each month to put back into the economy. Many homeowners with these systems have reported seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of money that they can put into their home.

    Geothermal heat pumps utilize earth's natural warmth to provide both heating and cooling, meaning that you can expect warm and cool air to be available at all times. Because these systems draw their power directly from the earth, you don't have to worry about running out of fuel, which means that you won't have to worry about running out of space. The earth absorbs the energy needed to warm and cool the air, and it stores that energy away from you in sealed tubes that are deep in the ground. When the air is cooled, it can move through the tubes, which take the energy needed to make the temperature in your home where you want it.

    The third benefit to installing an effective geothermal heat pump system is that it can drastically reduce how much money you spend on your heating and cooling bills each month. While older furnaces can sometimes retain up to 70% of their initial cost and use oil and natural gas to create a furnace, a geothermal heater does not. Because it is powered by the earth, you do not need to purchase any additional sources of energy to operate, and as long as the furnace is kept in good working order, you will not incur any extra costs.