How Does the Decoiler Straightener Feeder Machine Work?

  • Generally, most of the customers are asking why they need to purchase the decoiler straightener feeder. In fact, you should know that this device is made from high strength steel, which will be able to handle the overload when the temperature gets high. Generally, you can notice that there are two kinds of EDF strip. You can use the second kind by uncoiling the metallic strip and insert them to your hair. If you decide to choose the second option, you will find out that the second type will produce thicker hair strands.

    However, the question still remains as to why do you need to purchase the feeders in the first place? The main reason why you need to purchase the device will be to get better and easier hair straightening results. Typically, the users of the device will like the fact that the design has been designed with a control system that allows the users to adjust the heating level. The control system will be very beneficial because it will allow you to set the heating level depending on the condition of your hair.

    The decoder straightener features a very simple to operate mechanism. In fact, the overall performance of the device is great because the heating functions of the device is very effective. On the other hand, the other important function instruction you need to pay attention to is the one related to the assembling of the unit. This instruction will help you assemble the feeder in a way so that you can get the best results when you are using the device. In addition to that, the feeders will feature some additional features such as variable speed and variable bend control.

    Another important function instruction you need to pay attention to when you are using the decoder straightener-feeder is the instruction related to the function of the ac motor. As long as you read and understand this instruction, you will find out that the ac motor inside the unit is responsible for the operation of the device. In particular, you will find out that the main function of the ac motor is to increase the heat of the air that is stored inside the feeder through the use of its fan. Meanwhile, the other main function of the ac motor is to produce high precision straightening of the coil car. Meanwhile, it is also important to note that you can use the device without the help of an electric motor because the unit has an inbuilt motor that produces the heat needed by the coil car.

    Overall, the performance of the decoder straightener feeder machines is great because of the high precision that they are capable of producing. However, there are also some limitations of the device. For instance, the temperature of the air inside the feeder can only reach a certain level. In addition to that, you should also make sure that the air remains hot enough when it comes into contact with the heated coils. If this happens, the high pressure that the air experiences will damage your vehicle's finish.