New World Builds: Hatchet & Great Axe Guide

  • New World Build Guide for the Hatchet and Great Axe. It is a Hatchet Build Guide focuses on surviveability and damage, and is ideal for the solo player who is struggling. It is also great in Expeditions, group play, and in PvP. This makes it one of the most effective overall builds on the market in New World. If you've been searching for a great Hatchet Build the following Guide is for you.

    The way the Build functions is that you'll utilize the Hatchet for one-on one situations to take on massive damage using Berserk. Hatchets provide some of the best, if not the greatest single-target DPS available on the market in New World, and Berserk boosts your damage further while also healing you over time. You'll use your other Hatchet Skills: Raging Torrent and Feral Rush in the event that they're not on their cooldowns to further increase damage, and then switch to your Great Axe when fighting multiple adversaries.

    If you're pulling on over too many foes, or you encounter larger groups of them like in an Expedition in which case you'll be using the Great Axe to tackle them. The Great Axe has wide horizontal strokes, which can be used to strike many enemies. Maelstrom as well as Gravity Well are the most effective.

    Gravity Well is able to keep enemies together and is more damaging depending on the number of enemies that are caught in it , once upgraded. Maelstrom can strike enemies two times if upgraded to a very large AoE, making it ideal for these types of scenarios. It is also possible to use Reap for more AoE but in a much smaller area.

    Since the both Great Axe and Hatchet scale with Strength as their primary Attribute, you'll want to focus on the majority of your attribute points there. There's a glitch on the horizon in New World that slows your character's performance if you surpass 250 Strength. Therefore, I suggest not going much higher than this for the moment. After this issue is resolved, you can increase this up as high as 300 for the most damage.

    50 Dexterity is also beneficial although Great Axe may not see a direct increase in damage, Hatchet does and will receive a bonus of 5% in Crit Chance for all types of weapons. This is too good to miss, so it's important to ensure you've got this in place prior to hitting 250 Strength.

    Additionally, you'll require some Constitution to play with, especially if are playing solo to ensure you don't die too quickly. I like at minimum 50 here, but if you can get this to 100 that's even better. If you find you're dying too often, increase this until you're not.

    The Skills I use for this Build don't vary a whole lot from one type of content to another type, making it extremely beginner-friendly since you can use it anyplace. However, if you are playing PvP often you will likely need to make some minor adjustments in order to Great Axe.

    Make sure to get it. Defy Death capstone because it is life-saving, literally and is one of the most powerful passives available within New World. It will not only save you in PvE, but also in PvP in situations where the other player thinks they've won, but in reality they lost because you weren't killed and they didn't.

    It's obvious that you'll need a hatchet and a Great Axe for this build It is recommended to seek out these weapons that have Strength , if they are available, to boost the damage. Other bonus features to look out for are Crit Chance, Bleed or Empower on Crit Backstab Damage and Crit Damage all of them are excellent choices to boost damage.

    If you're using a Gem slot within your weapon, I strongly suggest you put in an Cut Emerald for more damage against targets with low health, or Jasper to boost damage after you've taken consecutive hits (since it is the case have to take multiple hits with this build).

    However, currently , 20% Gems will give you about a 15% increase to total damage in the Great Axe, however you will not be able to increase the damage of your Hatchet. So you could put an Sapphire or an Amber into it for constant damage. This could be a glitch that will be addressed in the future updates, however you can put either in today to do more damage on a regular basis.

    In terms of Armor for this build, I strongly advise Heavy Armor for maximum protection. Heavy Armor is arguably the most durable type of Armor in New World as you're constantly getting hit in melee combat, you'll need to be protected by every piece of protection you are able to receive. This is especially true in Expeditions where you're being surrounded by 5 or 4 opponents at once, as well as in PvP where you can be attacked by several players simultaneously. But, you can also utilize Medium if you wish, for greater maneuverability.

    Find Armor that has Strength and Constitution for best results, though Strength and Dexterity aren't bad either or just Strength. Having Luck on these Armor pieces will help you build better gear, but it isn't required, and should you own Gem Slots, make sure to drop Diamonds in them for greater Damage Absorption.

    Make sure to remember that Berserk doesn't last when you switch with your Great Axe, so only make use of it if you intend to remain on the Hatchet for the duration of. This is crucial, as you might need the healing from it in the future, and switching weapons with the wrong timing could get you killed. Also, Defy Death will not start if the Hatchet is not in use, so switch to it when you are in a low state of health.

    It is true that both the Hatchet or Great Axe deal Slash Damage and this is not ideal for enemies who resist this kind of damage. Thankfully, this is not often, but you might be interested in advancing your War Hammer Skills as well in case you happen to run into an area that's making you nervous. You can usually DPS through the enemies with resistance regardless, since this build is strong, but having a backup Hammer isn't a bad idea.

    Take control with your Great Axe when facing groups, or take advantage of your Hatchet for quests and facing your enemies solo as it is more powerful and has higher DPS. It is possible to gather your enemies, then AoE them down for fun and plenty of Weapon Experimentation Points if you do well and don't miss the chance to perform this when you have the chance.

    Finally, you can use animation to to cancel out Berserk when you press Block immediately or Dodging after using the. It's not necessary to use this method all the time, but it can be vital in PvP or during fights in which there is no way to separate. Make a habit of practicing this, because it can really help out.