Best New World Leveling Guide

  • This is the New World's leveling Guide on how to level Fast as a Beginner. This Beginner's Guide focuses on some tips on how to quickly improve your character's level as well as the primary and secondary weapons you use. It involves engaging within specific Quests and the best way to handle PvP, Quests, and Expeditions, to name a handful of. If you're seeking a method to effectively gain enormous amounts of XP to be able to participate in higher-level content this guide is for you! Be sure to read our Beginner PvP Tips as well as the best early Game Weapons and Accessories.

    New World offers a ton of ways to boost your level of character and weapon mastery. It's confusing particularly when you're just beginning to learn about the vast world of Aeternum. Think of your character level as your progress in the game, whereas weapons level gives you access to Skills and abilities that allow you to tailor your Build.

    New World Main Story and Side Story Quests

    The game of New World, Main Story quests comprise the majority of your XP comes from and this is where you'll start to progress as a new player. However, just finishing them won't suffice to increase your level. The moment you hit a wall, you'll be at a point where the level of the quest's recommendation is going to be higher than yours, say 3-4 levels greater.

    This is a great indicator to change to Side Quests so that you can get caught up. It's no surprise that it is risky to go to a place where the level of monsters is much higher than your own. In addition it will take more time to kill them, which makes the overall experience tough and unsatisfying.

    This is what brings us to Side Quests, which can take the form of Side Stories, Faction Missions as well as Town Projects. Side Stories are stories you encounter in Settlements that are depicted by yellow diamonds on your Map. They do provide an acceptable amount of XP however they are not as good when compared with Faction Missions and Town Projects. One thing to note in regards to Main and Side Story quests is the Azoth you will receive after completing. Azoth can be used to speedily traveling back to the different regions of the chosen territory , whether it's for an area of settlement or another journey location.

    This will save you lots of time when you're ready to begin your quest instead of running back. Because there's a limited number of ways to hasten your speed and there aren't any mounts available in the New World, fast traveling becomes highly essential to maximize your efficiency. Although you have the option to utilize "Recall to Inn" once you've registered at that particular hotel, you're only able to utilize it infrequently, and, especially each hour, only once.

    New World Faction Missions

    The next step is Faction Missions. Faction Missions are unlocked once you sign a pledge of allegiance with the Syndicate, Marauder or Covenant Faction. These missions are obtained from Faction Boards located in the respective territories. They are great because you can choose to opt for PvE or related quests according to your preferences. I wouldn't recommend taking PvP quests if your level is below 15 since they require you to turn on PvP. PvP Flag.

    This increases your vulnerability to damage by opponents, which lowers your chance of being able to survive in early game. Once your level is greater and you feel at ease, be sure to switch it to take on them and earn extra XP as you go along.

    With PvE quests, however you'll see that some of their Difficulty can be classified as solo or group. The difference is that Group Faction Missions provide more XP. Furthermore, you should also be thinking about doing at least three of these tasks each day. The "Daily Bonuses available" section on the upper-right corner of the screen will indicate that once you have completed 3 Faction Missions The XP you earn is double than what was indicated when you first started them, giving you a huge boost. This is why I recommend you to choose the one with the highest XP available in order to get the most benefit of this bonus.

    New World Town Projects

    Town Projects still grant massive XP even if it was changed following the Beta. They continue to give around 300 to 1,000+ XP. It can go up to 3,000+ XP when your level gets higher. You can accept any number of projects one time from the Town Project Board so make sure you maximize the amount you accept. They usually involve hunting for animals, collecting potions and then distributing them, as well as crafting the rations. If you've got a substantial quantity of gold you can purchase the necessary materials or the ingredients from the Trading Post to expedite its completion. However, don't fall into the trap of doing only these projects since it can become repetitive and boring after a while.

    After the tutorial, you'll be assigned to territories for beginners that include Monarch's Bluffs, Windsward, First Light, or Everfall. As a new player is recommended to concentrate on one area in the meantime in order to place the Territory Standing Points into. These standings or rewards provide you with bonuses. You can, for instance, own a home. You can also reduce your crafting fee to consume less resources. What you should be focusing on is the XP Gain. Although it might seem like a small percentage, this will yield you notable in terms of XP, since you'll have to complete many quests within your starting territory.

    Gathering is among the most crucial aspects of New World because they allow players to purchase materials needed to build Equipment and Consumables, which you use for any activity. It is for this reason that you'll also want to invest in Gathering Speed. Not only do you reduce the time required to chop trees or mine ore but you also gain some points for these actions, therefore don't be stingy with the XP, particularly when you come across new biomes.

    For instance, if want to find Iron Ore at Monarch's Bluffs in Monarch's Bluffs, it's advisable to increase your Gathering Speed in the area as you'll be spending a significant portion of your time in its adjacent areas. To boost your speed up to 120%, you need change your tools to Steel as soon as you can.

    As you travel through towns and other regions of the map, you'll notice these pages of blue and glowing across tables or crates. These are books that have information about the New World. When you click 'Read' You will earn around 100 XP, so make sure to stop and acknowledge them from time to at.

    Before you log out prior to leaving, ensure that you quit your character at a settlement. This is vital because when you're away from the game, you gain Rested XP Bonus. So, you get more XP dependent on the time you're idle. This can be used in any type of activity, regardless whether you're crafting or doing primary quests, once you come back.

    If you're on the road, you'll see Uncharted Landmarks as indicated by question marks in your maps. If you're within their vicinity, make sure to pass by and explore these areas even if have no intention of staying since doing this will earn you XP bonus. If you spot someone else fighting against a monster, try to keep up with them and hit that same creature. Don't worry, you aren't robbing the player of their reward so it's an acceptable way of gaining the extra character and Weapon Mastery XP too. It's not a surprise that playing with a friend helps you increase your game because you'll each get an increase of XP.

    Once you reach Level 25 at which point you are able to go to Windsward specifically to the West Side of the Amrine Temple in order to gain access to the repeatable Amrine Excavation. This is the introductory Expedition or PvE Dungeon that is similar to Dungeons in other MMORPs. Before starting the dungeon, ensure you have an Amrine Tuning orb as well as an Azoth Staff. The orb is available for free when you first start playing Destiny Unearthed, Foreman's Ledger and Seeing Clearly Quests. You can also make it at Stonecutting Tier 2. In addition, you can get the staff once you've completed your Forge Your Azoth Staff Main Quest.

    Once we've got the basics covered then we can move to the gathering of your party. You'll need to form groups of at least 1 Tank to lure enemies together so they're not able to run wild one Healer, and others can be DPS characters. The best thing about farming Amrine Excavation Levels 25 to 30 is you'll earn around more than 25,000 XP every hour since you can finish this in just 20 minutes or less.

    While running the Excavation for your first time you'll have to consider that it gives you access to a repeatable quest known as the Bones for Barkimedes Expedition. Everyone in your party has to be sure to go through the Ravagers to obtain the bones required for this quest. When you've reached the level 35, you'll be able to go on toward an Starstone Barrows Expedition in Everfall but be aware that this takes longer to complete as compared to the Amrine Excavation therefore feel free to experiment which between the two dungeons you prefer the most. In addition to the great XP you receive through these adventures as well, you can also collect rare gear in the process.

    When playing New World, you can raise the level of two weapons at the same time using them in succession when you eliminate enemies. The more advanced your Weapon Mastery is, the more abilities and Skills you unlock to be able to play several weapons in a shorter amount of time. The most efficient method of doing this is through engaging within Corrupted Breaches as well as Elite Area exercises.

    Corrupted Broken Breaches are world events that are symbolized by red skulls on your map. You get access to at level 25, after completing your Forge Your Azoth Staff Quest. These battles can be played by yourself or in a group, however, it's much better to complete Corrupted Breaches with others in order to farm them quickly.

    In terms of Elite Areas, you ought to farm the popular Dead Man's Cove, which is located in the Southwest section of Monarch's Bluffs. It's a huge cove with a boss and mobs you can keep clearing with at minimum four other players. What's wonderful about Elites is they not only boost your Weapon and character levels as well as provide players with rare equipment and more resources. You can continue working in this area from levels 25 , 35, and beyond. As you progress, you'll be permitted to go to and complete the higher level Elite Areas like those in the Stone Skull Fort in Cutlass Keys.