Gambling in Diablo II: Resurrected

  • Welcome to this guide to Gambling in Diablo II: Resurrected. This guide will describe the mechanism of gambling within Diablo II. Resurrected. It will also explain the myths and facts of gambling. This is the.

    Why should you gamble? If you have enough gold, it's one of the easiest ways to get higher-level items available in the game. Since you're guaranteed at the very least an item that is Magic-quality with a 1 out of 10 chance to get a Rare one, it's an unwise way to equip low-level characters. At higher levels, it can be easier to build a character specifically for farming gold and then using the gold to gamble for Set and Unique items. Gambling allows you to focus on certain items, which is an ideal way for players to locate rare items.

    To get the most out of Gambling, you need to understand how the system works.

    How to Play Gamble in Diablo II - Resurrected

    In each major town, in every act on every difficulty level, there is one NPC you can play. Gambling is described as the purchase of unidentified goods from the gambling shop for very high scores, with the expectation that you'll receive something of greater value.

    It doesn't matter what gambling NPC you go to, in what act or on which difficulty level. The formula that determines the available options and how it rolls depends entirely on your character level and other random factors that have no connection with the NPC that you gamble.

    Gambling is simple. By clicking on an NPC which is gambling will open a menu with options for dialogue, including "Gamble".

    It opens the Gambling window. It contains 14 items that are not identified: at least 1 Ring, 1 Amulet, and 12 other randomly-selected items that you can gamble for at the character level (cLvl). You may also add additional amulets and rings to this list.

    At the bottom of the screen you will see the amount of money you can spend on gambling. There is also a Refresh button. To make another screen that displays different items, click on the Refresh button. This is extremely useful when you're looking for something particular.

    The Gambling window will show the item's cost and base type when you hover over it. It is crucial to know the base item type, especially at higher levels where various base items might have the same icons.

    The cost of gambling an item is you more than buying it from a retailer. An ordinary Javelin is worth 240 gold while the unnamed Javelin has 982 gold. To gamble at the level of 1, a normal Javelin costs 240 gold. As you advance in levels, gambling costs will increase for all items except Rings and Amulets. Rings cost you 55,000 gold to gamble and Amulets are always 63,000 gold. This price can be reduced by gearing. This will be covered later in this guide.

    Gambling: How it Works

    Two things occur when you open a Gambling Window:

    14 items are displayed on the screen following the system's roll. This should always include at least one ring and one amulet.

    Based on the level of the character (cLvl) The system decides what are displayed.

    The formula for determining the item level generated by gambling gear potential upgrades, as well as magical affixes to Magic or Rare items is:

    The window for gambling will show only base types of items which fall within this level range. If you're betting on an iLvl 1 character the window won't display any items that have a higher base iLvl of 5 or more -- you'll see Light Boots with an iLvl of 3, but you will not be able to see Heavy Boots with an iLvl of 7 , unless you're at least cLvl 3.

    You can choose to gamble with an item before it is actually placed in your inventory.

    If the iLevel allows the system to determine if an item is upgraded to an exceptional/elite version of the original item.

    The system will determine the rarity (Magic or Rare set, Unique, or).

    If Magic or Rare, it then rolls for any magic affixes/prefixes that match that item's type, rarity, and iLevel.

    Exceptional and Elite upgrades are described in the section Base Gear below. Magic attaches (things like +Strength or +Magic Find), are random generated. However there are limits based on the item type, quality type and item level.

    If the item rolls Magic or Rare its iLvl will be within the +4/-5 range for cLvl. If you purchase the item which is rolled as Unique or Set, the item will roll whatever that item has as a fixed iLvl and minimum character level and properties. However, you can still receive items lower than your current level. If you are level 80 and have the heavy Gloves which roll Unique Bloodfist heavy gloves might be yours (ilvl 12), Gravepalm sharkskin glove (iLvl 39) If you upgrade to Exceptional and Dracul's Grasp viperbone gloves (iLvl 84), if they upgrade to the Elite. It isn't possible to get Dracul's Grasp gloves if you're below level 78.

    However in the event that you really desire to get the Bloodfist gloves, you'd be better off betting these up before you could "accidentally" upgrade the gloves to Gravepalms. If that's the case, you should bet on a character with levels 8 and 33.

    What is the best way to bet in Diablo II: Resurrected

    Gambling isn't possible in all types of quality or types. You must understand the way that gambling functions with respect to item levels, character levels and the possibility of upgrading in order to play the game seriously.

    Gambling generates one of Item Rarity levels. These items are yours to take home If you're lucky enough to win:

    Unique - 1 in 2,000 (0.05%)

    Set - 1 in 1000 (0.1 percent)

    Rare 1 out of 10 (10 percent)

    Magic - 1,797 in 2000 (89.85%).

    9 out of 10 items are Magic, 1 out of 10 items will be Rare, and very rarely it is possible to find a Set piece or Unique. A normal or normal Socketed piece will not be gambled.

    Items You Can't Gamble

    Gambling isn't for you

    Items with sockets that are normal or items that do not have normal sockets or

    Base items with a specific class

    Claw-type weapons are the one exception to the rule. They are utilized mostly by Assassins, however they are also used by other classes. This is because Claw-equipped Assassins require Claws to use their skills however other classes lack the abilities required by their specific class items.

    The class-specific items which you are not able to gamble for are:

    Amazons: Some class-specific Bows and Javelins:

    Bows Bows Stag Bow (Ashwood Bow, Matriarchal Bow), Reflex Bow (Ceremonial Bow, Grand Matron Bow)

    Javelins - Maiden Javelin (Ceremonial Javelin, Matriarchal Javelin}

    Barbarian Helms: Jawbone Cap (Jawbone Visor, Carnage Helm), Fanged Helm (Lion Helm, Fury Visor), Horned Helm (Rage Mask, Destroyer Helm), Assault Helmet (Savage Helmet, Conqueror Crown), Avenger Guard (Slayer Guard, Guardian Crown)

    Paladin Shields, Targe (Akaran Shield Sacred Targe), Rondache [Akaran Rondache Sacred Rondache], Heraldic Shield (“Protector Shield”, Kurast Shield”), Aerin Shield (“Gilded Shield" Zakarum Shield”), Crown Shield (“Royal Shield”, Vortex Shield)

    Pelts, Shrunken Heads, Scepters Wands, Orbs, and Staves The list is endless.

    This means that a lot of BiS items cannot be gambled. These include Titan's Revenge Ceremonial Javelins (for Amazons), Immortal King’s Will Avenger Guard Helm for Barbarians and Ravenlore Sky Spirit helmet for Druids. Arm of Leoric Tomb Wand is for Necromancers. Heart of Zakarum Gilded Shield to Paladins. or The Oculus Swirling Crystal to Sorceresses.

    Understanding Base Items

    Three different types of Diablo II gear qualities are available: Resurrected, Resurrected and Standard.

    Base Gear: The most basic kind of weapon or armor

    Extraordinary Gear is a more expensive version of the base item

    Elite Gear Elite Gear is the top high-end version of the base gear item

    Important: It is important to note that the Gambling Window will only display the name of the base item. There is no names of the Exceptional or Elite. That is determined by rolls at the time you purchase the product, not when it is sitting in the window.

    For instance, Leather Gloves are a basic item. The Extraordinary version of the Leather Gloves are Demonhide Gloves, and the version with the highest quality are Bramble Mitts.

    Leather Gloves cLvl 1 ILvl 1

    Demonhide Gloves, cLvl 21, iLvl 33 (Exceptional)

    Bramble Mitts - cLvl 42, iLvl 57 (Elite)

    If you want to try for Bramble Mitts, you'll actually look for the Leather Gloves within the Gamble window and hope they'll upgrade to the Elite version. You'll need to ensure that your character is the minimum level of 52 (ilvl = CLVL +4/-5) however, you'd prefer to be around 63 to have the best chance of being granted this opportunity. While there's no guarantee that you'll get the Leather gloves will get upgraded, it's a good idea to put off the upgrade until later to get very high-level items.

    These formulas are used to determine if a gambling item will be upgraded to Exceptional or Elite versions.

    Chance of an Extraordinary Upgrade is 1 plus (ilvl-exceptional QLVL). * 90/100

    Chance of Elite Upgrade = 1 + (ilvl-elite qlvl). * 33 100

    This guide lists all the base items that can be used to gamble in games. It also provides names and iLvls of their elite and Exceptional counterparts. This chart is helpful for those who want to target a particular piece of gear or to ensure that you're targeting the correct base item. If you're an Amazon trying to get the Razortail Sharkskin Belt, for instance, you'll require to know the right base item (Light Belt), and the iLvl (39). Ilvl = clvl +4/-5


    The gear options you receive when you play a casino NPC will be based on your character level (cLvl). Magic affixes and available gear are both tied to certain levels. Furthermore, magical affixes only appear on kinds of objects.

    There are many classes that have +3 skills in their main tree. For example, you can add +3 to Elemental Skills for Druids or +3 Combat Skills for Barbarians. These affixes can only be found on Magic gear items higher than iLvl 60. The types of gear utilized with these skills are dependent on the type of class. +3 to Elemental Skills, Druid, is only available on Amulets or Circlets. +3 Combat Skills are only available only on Barbarian Helms and Helms. It's important to find out the items that can have magical affixes before you target them. If you're a Barbarian and you're playing Amulets hoping to get this, you'll waste lots of money and will not be able to get what you want.

    It is necessary to search for all the affixes you want when you're looking to purchase more than one on one product, and be aware of the iLvl for the most high standard. You can obtain a rare ring that has dual leech (Life Steal or Mana Steal) by reaching the minimum iLvl requirement to qualify for Life Leech. The minimum iLevel required to qualify for Mana Leech is 25. To gamble such an item you must have at or above level 20. It is better to wait until you are at least 29 in order to make sure you've reached the minimum level. More is always better.

    Gearing to Gambling

    There aren't any gearing options which will increase your odds of getting rarer items than magic, or more sets and uniques than rares or higher odds of getting higher the affixes. These are set properties. Magic Find has absolutely no function to play in Gambling.

    However, you can make Gambling more lucrative by reducing the amount you pay to Gamble. Two things can be utilized to reduce the cost of Vendors. One is a Unique Charm that is discovered randomly in Hell Acts and the second is an extremely low-level Runeword.

    However inept a Sorceress you may be or how inept you are, the Edge can be created and outfitted to receive 15% off all purchases made from vendors, including gambling. Since these are three very common lower-level runes, just put them into a basic bow and keep it during your next Gambling session. Don't forget about re-equipping your equipment before leaving the camp.

    Gheed's Fortune will roll randomly for between 10-15 percent, therefore having both in your inventory reduces overall gambling by 25-30%.

    The Gambling Facts

    There have been many stories that have surfaced over time. People have used strategies and tricks to increase their chances of receiving exclusive items, sets or special items, better quality affixes, and more effective outcomes. Your level of character is the sole element that determines what you get. The odds of you getting better quality or upgraded items is determined by formulas based on your character level.

    These are the things that will have no affect on Gambling:

    purchasing every item available in a gambling screen. This bug guaranteed an Unique in Diablo however it was eliminated some time ago.

    Magic Find. This only applies to killing mobs and opening containers.

    Gambling is a more complicated Act. It doesn't matter who you are or the stakes you place, your cLvl will remain the same.

    There are more players in the game. There is no role at all.