Guide To Diablo 2 Items: Normal Unique Belts in Diablo 2

  • The most sought-after normal unique items are still extremely sought-after and can give a significant boost to your gaming according to the character you are playing. Here are some of the most unusual items that are available in today's game.

    Normal Unique Belts


    The Lenymo Sash comes with a defense level of 2 and a minimum of 7. Its durability is 12 and has 8 storage boxes to store your items. Its unique buffs are +1 to light radius, +15 mana, all resistances +5, and can regenerate mana by 30 percent.


    Snakecord is a Light Belt that offers a defense of 14-15, with a minimum defense level of 3 and a minimum level 12. It has a durability of 14 and 8 boxes of storage for your inventory. Its special buffs are +12 poison damage over 3 seconds, poison length reduced by 50%, poison resist +25%, replenishing life +5, +10 to defense and +20-30% increased defense.


    Nightsmoke is a Belt with a defense range of 22-24 with the base defense of five and a required amount of 20. Its durability is 16 and a strength requirement of 25 and 12 storage boxes for your inventory. Its special buffs are +30-50% enhanced defense, +15 defense 50 percent of damage is converted to mana, damage is reduced by 2, all resistances are +10 and 20 to mana.


    Goldwrap is a heavy belt that has an armor defense of 34-36 and a base defense of 6. It comes with a minimum level of strength of 45. It has a a required level of 27, and a long-lasting of 18. Your inventory can be kept in 12 boxes. It has special buffs including +40-60% higher defense, 25 defense, 10% more speed of attack 30% higher probability of finding magic objects, 50-80% more gold generated by monsters, 2 light radius, and 2 an additional defense.


    Bladebuckle is an Plated Belt that has the defense range 52-54. It has the defense range starting at 8-11, and a minimum level of 29. It has a minimum strength of 60, and a maximum endurance of 24. It can be stored with 16 items in storage boxes. Its special buffs include the attacker taking damage of 8 (will not apply to attack ranges), damage reduced by 3 points, +5 to strength +10 to dexterity +20% speedier recovery of hits +30 defense, +80-100% increased defense.

    Belts are made to be easy to find things quickly. They come with numerous loops, loops and cords that are used to hang potions or other important items. The more potions and scrolls that a belt can accommodate more, the greater the size. A sash, or a larger belt, can increase the capacity of four slots on your person's belt. This is done by adding four additional rows to the belt. However, all belts of Elite and Exceptional quality are equipped with 16 slots.

    Although only four slots are visible on the Interface Bar, you can gain access to additional slots by clicking on any of the slots on the belt or pressing the Tilde ("~") key to switch the belt between closed and open.

    If there aren't any columns, health, mana and rejuvenation potions will be automatically put in the belt. If there are no columns left, the potions are immediately added to the belt. If the belt is equipped with 4 health potions in each row, only the health potions will be added to the belt when it is picked up. Rejuvenations and Mana potions will be added to the inventory in lieu of.

    Scrolls of Identify, or Town Portal can be tucked inside your belt. Scrolls cannot be placed in your belt automatically , unless you have a similar item in one of the four slots for hot keys or if there is an open slot over that with the same item.

    When you buy Health Potions, hold down the SHIFT or RIGHT-Click to fill in any holes on your belt. This is true for the purchase of scrolls from Town Portal or Identify.

    Pressing SHIFT and then LEFT-Clicking on Mana, Health, and Rejuvenation potion in your inventory, will auto-move them to the appropriate column in your belt.

    Holding down SHIFT and a Hot Key (1-4) or right-clicking on Mana, Health and Rejuvenation potion in the Belt and will distribute the potion to the player's hireling, if the player has one.