OSRS Splashing Guide for Massive EXP Gains

  • In Old School RuneScape, players can train Magic in different ways. One of these methods is known as Splashing. This type of training has the player casting combat spells when facing an opponent while their magic accuracy is low. Even though this doesn't actually cause damage, it can still offer players experience instead. There's a lot to learn about this method, which will be discussed in this OSRS Splashing guide.

    The following guide will discuss the following aspects:

    Equipment Required

    Splashing Locations

    Rates and Strategies

    We must be able to identify the equipment needed to begin Splashing.

    OSRS Splashing Guide Equipment Requirements

    To begin it is important to have items you can wear that result in your Magic Attack being -64. It is possible to utilize an Armour or Platebody set that is fully iron steel, black, or mithril. These sets can be combined with Snakeskin boots and Snakeskin vambraces, as using an elemental staff to reduce autocast rune requirements.

    You can still obtain the Magic attack you desire even in the absence of 40 Range. If you are already a member, then you'll be able to use Granite equipment to wear to get the required Magic stats, though avoid using the Granite body since its more beneficial to utilize a Platebody in this case.

    OSRS Splashing Sites Guide

    Typically, you can use Splashing against any creature who isn't capable of causing enough damage to take your health fully. A majority of players choose to employ seagulls and rats for this kind of Magic training. If you decide to opt for seagulls, then you can find them in Port Piscarilius and Port Sarim.

    You can check the Bestiary for other monsters within the appropriate locations, however there are areas in Lumbridge like the basement of the castle that you should avoid. This is due to the fact that areas such as these where spells aren't able to provide any benefit when the player's Magic is too low to allow them to harm their opponents. The reason for this was that the majority of new players were in awe by the number of players Splashing on rats.

    Rates and Strategies for Splashing

    You will then have to look into what the rates are for each spell. There are, of course, certain spells that are much better than others. For instance, you could utilize Wind Strike at level 1 with the Air and Mind runes, which will net you 6600xp per hour. It costs when casting too, with this rate being 8 coins. The costs can decrease through the use of an elemental staff.

    When you reach higher levels, you'll be able to investigate more powerful spells. Fire Wave is a spell that requires Air, Fire, and Blood runes at level 75. This spell is run at a rate of 51,000x per hour. Water Surge can be played at level 85, using Air, Water, and Wrath runes to gain an additional boost of 55,800xp/hour. Earth Surge gives you 58.200xp an hour with Air, Earth, and Wrath runes. Fire Surge at Level 95 will yield 60,600xp every hour with Air and Fire runes.

    It is worth noting that each tick of a game clock takes 0.6 seconds, whereas an enchanted combat spell can take five minutes. In just one hour, players could use 1200 spells of combat. The raw cost of casting which you have seen instances of will be based on the runes you have to buy. The price for the elemental staff that is basic is for more air and elemental runes which are utilized for non-Wind-related spells.

    Ancient Magicks Splashing

    Moving onto Ancient Magicks, you can start from level 50 with Smoke Rush, with the base experience casting of 30 and rely on Chaos and Death runes, as well as Air and Fire. Earn 36,000xp each hour with this method by itself. Additionally, you can improve your results by increasing your level.

    For instance, there are several Ancient Magicks that you can utilize when you reach the level of 80. Blood Blitz can bring you up to 54,000xp each hour at this point. Ice Blitz is available at 55,200xp/hour, and then you can choose from a range of powerful barrages. Beginning with Smoke Barrage at level 86, there's an hourly rate of 57,600xp while the hourly rate of exp for the Shadow Barrage at level 88 is 58,800. The Blood Barrage is higher than the 60,000 mark for hourly experience at 61,200. Then there's Ice Barrage at 94, which gives an additional 62,400xp.

    You must also consider the number of splashes it is likely to take in order for you to hit the 99 level. For spells like Wind Strike, you are facing 2,367,467 splashes taking 1973 hours to complete. Alternately, you can keep waiting until you've reached a higher level, where you could use spells like of Fire Wave, needing only 317,135 splashes, taking 264.3 hours. Fire Surge is your best bet, taking the equivalent of 301,246 splashes over 251 hours.


    Splashing in Old School RuneScape is not an easy job. There are a number of aspects to consider when attempting this method of Magic training. We do hope that this OSRS Splashing manual has provided a useful introduction to this unusual method to learn Magic. There are certain requirements for gear that you must look into in order to be able to depend on your level of proficiency, ability and runes to maximize the benefits of it. If you've got a lot of practice and some research you will be able to benefit from this innovative and efficient way to complete as many Magic training done as possible.