Lightning Javazon Amazon Build Guide D2R

  • Welcome to the Build Guide to this game's Lightning Javazon in Diablo II: Resurrected. In this Build Guide will provide information on topics such as Build Overview as well as Stat Points Skills Points, Charms, Mercenary and Equipment tips.

    Build Overview for Lightning Javazon

    Lightning Javazon gets its Build name because it combines "Amazon" together with "Javelin" and with a focus on Lightning Skills over Poison Skills in the "Javelin and Spear" Skill Tree. Alongside the Lightning Javazon, you can also locate Poison Javazon Builds that focus more specifically on Poison Javelin in addition to Plague Javelin capabilities.

    Lightning Javazon is a well-known Diablo II Starter Build and it's a popular "Season Starter", because the build doesn't require particularly expensive items to really start, it simply requires leveling up. Lightning Javazon is also a very versatile build, because it can clear packs with damage in the form of area thanks to Lightning Strike and Lightning Fury and single target damage from Charged Strike.

    Key Items for Lightning Javazon

    One of the major advantages to the Lightning Javazon Build is that it's not heavily dependent on equipment and can be able to do anything. But, for certain end game content, you'll require some key components in order to reach Ubers. As an example, the main hurdle that you face with Lightning Javazon is survivability and getting to the maximum block value. That's why you'll notice Stormshield as a recommended Key Item, as it can be used to help defend playing against Ubers but isn't the ideal item to speed up clear speeds.

    When it comes to Javelins, for end game contents Titan's Revenge is recommended. It's a great weapon for damage and bonuses to Skills and comes with an exclusive bonus of move speed that can't be found anywhere else on a Javelin. The technical aspect of this Build can get by with a lot of Javelins, but Titan's Revenge stands out from all else.

    Stats for Lightning Javazon

    Strength - Strength determines the kind of gear your Amazon will be wearing, as well as how much melee damage you take. Melee damage isn't that important in this type design, therefore only focus on having enough strength to get the best gear that you can. Monarch Shields require at least 156 Strength.

    Dexterity - Dexterity decides which Weapon your Amazon will use Block chance, the ability to block, and attack rating. Although the attack rating isn't as important, having enough Dexterity for a high Javelin and Block Rating is worth the investment. You should aim to achieve 70% Block value if possible. Ceremonial Javelins require at least 109 dexterity.

    Vitality - Vitality determines Health total, Stamina total and the recovery of stamina. Here's where you'll put all points after reaching necessary strength and dexterity requirements for things.

    Energy - Energy is the determinant of Mana Total and Mana recovery. Lightning Javazons utilize Mana, but it isn't an investment worth investing Stat Points into Energy, so you shouldn't ignore this fact completely.

    Skills for Lightning Javazon

    The Amazon can access Three Skill Trees, Javelin and Spear, Passive and Magic, along with Bow and Crossbow. For the Lightning Javazon Build, you'll be focusing upon the Javelin and Spear tree, gaining all the top Lightning targeted abilities. There will also be a few minutes within Magic Tree, the Passive as well as the Magic Tree.

    Lightning Javazon is a build with three main skillsthat are vital for this Build to succeed. Lightning Fury is the main skill, which allows a Lightning Javazon to clear massive zones of enemies quickly. With enough Pierce, Lightning Fury's damage can get much more damaging.

    Lightning Strike is also great at clearing large areas of enemies, yet it's more efficient with mana than Lightning Fury. In addition, it is a melee attack but it doesn't diminish the number of stacks in your Javelin. Charged Strike is the primary attack for solo damage scenarios that include combating a boss or Unique enemy with a high health pool.

    Leveling Skills as Lightning Javazon

    Being able to level as a Javazon is a sluggish experience, especially in the early levels, when the majority of your time is spent right-clicking down enemies and melee every thing on screen. Because of the restrictions on levels on higher levels of the Skill trees, players will be spending a significant amount in points which aren't suitable for the build at the end of the game which is the normal case to happen in Diablo II: Resurrected. Each difficulty, you get one free Skill Reset per difficulty in the game. You can do this by finishing"Den of Evil," the "Den of Evil" mission in the first act.

    The best thing to be leveled with is contingent on the kind of equipment you have. Assuming you want to strictly stick to Javelins for leveling the game, you'll have to spend lots of points on Jab, Power Strike, and Poison Javelin in the beginning of the game. Poison Javelin is a great ability early on, because due to the Poison trail left behind, it is possible to easily "kite" enemies on the trails and be the ability to eliminate large groups of enemies.

    Best Charms for Lightning Javazon

    Small Charms typically for small Charms that are Lightning Javazons, you should search at All Resistance Charms, to fight the resistances required for Hell Difficulty. Picking up extra Resistances from Charms makes gearing more manageable. Annihilus is a great Small Charm to have in your inventory. It grants the ability to gain +1 Skills, +Attributes All Resistances +10-20, and even a Bonus Experience modifier, which is extremely valuable.

    Large Charms - Similar to Small Charms The same principle applies in the case of Large Charms. All Resistance Plus Life, and Magic Find are what you need to look for. To find unique Large Charms Work your way toward the Hellfire Torch, which grants the ability to increase skills, attributes and all Resistances up to 10-20.

    Grand Charms - To get Grand Charms, you want anything with +Javelin and Spear Skills. This is of course an extremely powerful Grand Charm for the Lightning Javazon, as all skills you're using are Javelin Skills.

    The Best Mercenary for Lightning Javazon

    Although it's true that the Lightning Javazon Build doesn't necessarily require a Mercenary to be successful However, an Act II Mercenary is recommended if you plan to take on the Hell difficulty. A Defiance Aura Mercenary is recommended and grants a Defense aura that can help you survive.

    Weapon - The Insight Runeword or Infinity Runeword are the two recommended, each offering something unique. Insight offers the Meditation Aura that gives Mana towards the Javazon. Infinity gives the Conviction Aura, which reduces enemy Defense and Resistances. This is fantastic for dealing with enemies that have some Lightning Resistance.

    Helmet – Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze, or Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest are all good options. Each of them has a form of Leech. This is essential to keep alive the Mercenary alive.

    Body Armor Body Armor - The Fortitude Runeword is recommended, offering Resistances, Enhanced Damage, Defense, and Life. It's important for your Mercenary to stay alive, so that they can continue to use the essential Auras. An alternative to the Fortitude Runeword is Duriel's Shell that's not as effective, but it does provide the Mercenary all the features we're looking for.

    Best Equipment for Lightning Javazon


    For Weapons, Titan's Revenge is definitely the go-to Weapon, as it offers all the features you would want from a Javelin, and then some with the added speed of movement. Thunderstroke is also a fantastic Javelin to use with this model, offering the massive 1-511 Lightning Damage for attacks. While these are two really powerful weapons, this Lightning Javazon Build can perform very well even without the best equipment. Even the Magic Javelin with +Javelin and Spear Skills, or a Rare Javelin that has +2 or Amazon Skills can get the job done perfectly.

    When it comes to using an Ethereal Titan's Revenge, it's all about your preference. Ethereal essentially means you can't use Lightning Fury in succession , and you must be aware of your surroundings to not to break the Javelin. Ethereal reduces the requirement for stats, and it increases Javelins damage, however, it adds an additional protection when throwing Javelins out.


    A Stormshield can provide the most powerful defenses to all Lightning Javazon Build, there are quite a few Shields to choose from. Both Runewords Phoenix as well as Spirit make for high value Runewords for a Shield. Sanctuary could also make a good word to run with an Shield, but it focuses a bit more on defensives over anything else.


    In the early stages of a season choosing the Lore Runeword Helmet can be an excellent option, as it gives you an +1 to all skills as early as level 27. Although it's great for the beginning of but it isn't long-lasting and is eventually outshined by superior Helmets. Both Griffon's Eye as well as Harlequin Crest are fantastic Helmets for final game content.

    Body Armor

    Enigma can be extremely helpful in "resetting" the position of your Mercenary through Teleport to avoid situations where the Aura gets out of the range of. And of course it is essential for speedy speeds. Chains of Honor is also a fantastic choice as a choice for a Runeword that can be placed on an armored body. Armor that gives an incredible All Resistances +65 and a good chunk of Magic Find.


    For Gloves the Lightning Javazon Build wants something that has +Javelin and Spear Skills. The best pair of Gloves that you could find on an Javazon would be something which has an increase of 3 Javelin along with Spear Skills along with Attack Speed. A Lancer's glove of Alacrity are typically the best for both the +Skill as well as Attack Speed. Another option that is great is also Dracul's Grasp which provides extra survivability that a typical Rare or Magic Glove wouldn't.


    There are many really good Boots for a Lightning Javazon and what is the best is really dependent on the other equipment you have. A top Magic or Rare pair of Boots with Faster Run/Walk and plenty of resistances is the most technically efficient with good rolls. There are a lot of good Boots to fill in some gaps in the build such as Sandstorm Trek, War Traveler, Aldur's Advance and Natalya's soul. Sandstorm Trek offers some extra statslike faster recovery from hits, and Poison Resist, War Traveler have Magic Find, Aldur's Advance comes with Fire Resistance, and Natalya's Soul has both Cold and Lightning Resistance.


    For Amulets, similar to Boots, you'll be looking to fill any holes that may be present in your equipment. In general The Cat's Eye is the most advised for the additional Run/Walk it offers, increasing clear speed even further. However, Highlord's Wrath is a great option to add additional skills and Lightning Resist. Mara's Kaleidoscope provides +Skills and All Resist.


    Raven Frost is pretty much a necessity for most Diablo II: Resurrected Builds and Lightning Javazon's similar to the other. In this second slot, there are several options, depending on the options available to you, Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band or the more solid Stone of Jordan.


    If you do not put lots of Skills into Pierce It is strongly advised that you get Razortail which gives Pierce. It is likely to set you back quite a bit on survivability and won't aid you against Ubers however it's great versus everything else. Another option, and one that is recommended, is of course by using a Thundergod's vigor and just putting Skill Points in Pierce. The Thundergod's Vior is specifically designed for this build, especially because it grants +3 Lightning Fury and +3 to Lightning Strike, two of Javazon's most powerful abilities.

    Breakpoints for the Lightning Javazon

    Breakpoints are percentages at which an animation is made faster or more efficient. (FCR), Faster Hit Recovery (FHR), Faster Block Rate (FBR), and increased attack speed (IAS) will become one frame slower or more rapid. Diablo II: Resurrected has preserved it's 25-frame-per-second (fps) animation speed for actions that were originally in. Hitting a breakpoint not only makes the game move ahead, but it also lets the character do more actions over a shorter amount of time. Although it may not sound like much to reduce the actions by just a single frame but breakpoints can cost substantially.