Diablo 2 Resurrected Hellforge Location Guide - Act 4 Quest 2

  • Hell's Forge is the 2nd mission of Act IV. It's initiated by talking to Deckard Cain. In order to successfully complete the quest, players will need to bring Mephisto's Soulstone (which they got themselves at close Act III Act III or were handed by Deckard Cain at the beginning of this quest) at the time of the hellforge, located within the River of Flame.

    The quest is complete after gamers smash Mephisto's Soulstone at the Hellforge. The rewards can include various high level Gems and/or Runes. Players can also prepare themselves for this stage's finale and showdown against the game's primary villain: Diablo himself.

    The holy Soulstones were gifted to the Horadrim through the Archangel Tyrael in order to secure the Primordial Evils which had been set loose upon the world. But Izual, the angel of death Izual had instructed the Prime Evils how to corrupt the sacred stones and bend their incredible power to suit their needs. This way, the Soulstones did not function as a prison but instead strengthened the Evils beyond the boundaries of the realms. They even served as an anchor for the mortal realm: if the corporeal manifestations of the Primordial Evils were destroyed, their spirit resided within the stones which made a return to the world possible.

    Mephisto was one of the first of the Prime Evils to be captured and also the first to be free. However, he was slain by brave adventurers that had come to stop the Prime Evils from reuniting. The corrupt Soulstone has to be destroyed at the only suitable location: the Hellforge, so that Mephisto's violent spirit back into the Black Abyss and to prevent him from manifesting into the realm of Sanctuary ever again.

    Locate The City of the Damned. Within this City you will find a staircase leading down into the River of Flame (you'll find a Waypoint close to the steps). Go through for the River of Flame until you locate the Hellforge. If you find a Waypoint located near a corridor that is lined with demon statues then you need to return. When you approach the Hellforge the quest journal should be visible and you will be greeted by Hephasto the Armorer, the Unique Overlord boss that is similar as The Smith. Much like The Smith, Hephasto has an impressive melee attack and moves fast. It is best to distract him from the forge and kill Hephasto when he's in a safe place and it can be a tricky fight however. After he's gone, he's supposed to drop his Hellforge Hammer. Clear the area that is near the Forge and then equip the hammer. It does not require anything and can be used for any type of character. When you click on the Hellforge, Mephisto's Soulstone will go away from inventory and appear upon the forge. Take on the forge, and after several blows, the Soulstone will break into several fragments . A raging storm of souls will be unleashed.

    The search for the Hellforge takes place in the second act within Act Four, after defeating the fallen angel Izual. Players must find their way to the River of Flame, which is the actual area in which the Hellforge is housed. It's under the City of the Damned, which is just past and beyond the Plains of Despair where the last quest took place. The enemies are hard and a change in Diablo 2's difficulty may be required. Either way, players should try to get to the middle in the town. There is an Waypoint for returning to town and stairs leading toward the River.

    Unfortunately, finding the Hellforge isn't where the hunt concludes. Much like the quest to find Tal Rasha's Tomb, the hardest part is still to come. Players must battle hordes of enemies under the direction of Hephasto and The boss's own. Hephasto is a melee-powered beast however, once he's defeated, players are able to take his hammer and place his Soulstone onto the Forge and then smash the Soulstone to end the game.

    There is a Diablo 2 Hellforge place within Act 4 Quest 2 is the location you'll need to grab Mephisto's Soulstone and destroy it following which Hadriel can allow access to Diablo's Lair. It's pretty straightforward when you think about it, however, there are a few potential snags you might hit. In this Diablo 2 Hellforge Location - Act 4 Quest 2 guide We'll help you figure out how to finish the quest, including where Hellforge is located in Diablo 2, etc.

    In Diablo 2, the Hell's Forge in Diablo 2 is Quest 2 in Act 4 It requires you to locate the Hellforge location. The quest begins with Hadriel blocking entry into the Diablo's Lair, until you destroy Mephisto's Soulstone inside the Hellforge. The Soulstone either on your own when you reach the final scene of Act III or through Deckard Cain, at beginning of the quest. In either case, the next step is to locate the River of Flame (more on it below) and there the Hellforge spawns. In the Hellforge you'll have to fight an imposing demon named Hephasto the Armorer who drops an item called the Hellforge Hammer. The hammer is equipped and you can select the Hellforge. Once you do, the Soulstone will automatically disappear from your inventory and show up on the forge. Smash it with your Hammer until it explodes into a shower of Runes and Gems and other rewards.

    This is an excellent method of gaining Runes similar to The Countess. The only drawback is that you are able to only use the Hellforge once per difficulty level. However, you can get some really very potent Runes in this game, so good luck with the draw.

    The Hellforge location located in Diablo 2 appears somewhere at random in The River of Flames. The location is found by looking for the huge spiral staircase that runs down into the City of the Damned zone. The place of the staircase is a bit random, too, but it'll probably be closer to center rather than edges. There must also be some sort of waypoint close to the staircase. For the Hellforge itself it is pretty much anyplace in The River of Flames; the only thing we can advise you is that if discover a path of demon statues and a waypoint near it take the opposite route. When you have found the location of the Hellforge, continue through the same quest as we described in the previous paragraph.