Pot Magnet application

  • It is a magnet in a steel shell similar to a pot, so it is called a "pot magnet". Magnets can emit magnetic fields without power. The housing acts as a support for the magnet, increasing strength, stability and retention. They are often used as magnetic bases or stands for signage or suspended equipment.

    The magnet is only exposed on one side of its steel shell. The center of the magnet is called the "North Pole" and the outside is the "South Pole". When the magnet is in contact with the magnetic surface, this configuration creates a closed circuit, thereby providing a stronger holding force.

    Depending on the application, the size, shape and width of the pot magnet are also different. Different types of pot magnets work at different temperatures. However, they can also get the same results at room temperature.

    The shell is a casting used for the magnet to protect it from chipping or cracking when it comes in contact with a hard surface. This also provides strength to the originally very brittle magnet.

    The spacer acts as a barrier between the magnet and the steel shell to avoid any possible demagnetization of the magnet by the steel. The gasket can be plastic or brass.

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