Advantages of NdFeB Magnet


    The NdFeB magnet is the strongest permanent magnet commercially available anywhere in the world.

    Compared with ferrite, alnico, or even cobalt magnets, they provide unparalleled magnetism and resistance to demagnetization.

    History of NdFeB magnet

    The NdFeB magnet was developed after the NdFeB alloy was developed in 1982. The alloy is made of neodymium, iron, and boron. NdFeB magnet was first produced in response to the high price of a cobalt magnet, so it is necessary to determine an economical and high-performance magnet. Although jointly formulated, General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals follow different manufacturing processes. General Motors chooses to produce powder-bonded NdFeB magnets, while Sumitomo uses a sintered manual turning process, which is the same as that of our NdFeB magnet series.

    Super super useful

    Since the creation of the first NdFeB magnet, they have consolidated their position as the most popular magnet in endless applications. Industries such as electric motor manufacturing, medicine, renewable energy, and technology all rely on super-strong NdFeB magnets. Otherwise, many of the advances in the past 30 years will be impossible to achieve. They are also useful in the family, such as hobbies such as handicrafts, styling, and jewelry making. Because of their super strength, they have incredible performance and anti-demagnetization performance, and can be made into many shapes and sizes, even with a diameter of only 1mm, making them endless!

    Rare earth

    NdFeB magnets are also called rare earth magnets because neodymium is part of the rare earth element family. The term "rare earth" does not mean that they are scarce. The earth's crust contains high levels of neodymium-in fact, it is more common than certain precious metals (such as gold)-the term stems from their geochemical properties, rare earth elements are usually dispersed, And few finds are concentrated in economically exploitable mineral deposits.

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