Know How to Set Yahoo as a Homepage on Chrome?

  • If some of you are a regular user of Yahoo and want to change your browser home page to the Yahoo site, then this is easily possible for you to do. This will allow one to sign in to Yahoo easily whenever one wants to start their browser. Therefore, the process varies according to the browser you are using. If you are using a Chrome browser, then here is how to make Yahoo homepage on Chrome.


    Steps to Set Yahoo as a Homepage on Chrome

    Follow the below steps to make Yahoo your homepage on Chrome. 


    • Click the Chrome Menu button and open the Chrome Settings. 
    • Now, check the "Show Home button" box in the "Appearance" section. This Home button will be located at the left of your address bar.
    • Then, click the "Change" link that is shown beneath the box. This will let you set the page which opens up when you click the home button.
    • Then, choose the "Open this page" and type the URL of the Yahoo page you want to start on at first. 
    • Then, choose the "Open a specific page or set of pages" in the "On startup." This will permit you to set Chrome to load Yahoo! whenever you start it for the first time.
    • Now, click on the "Set pages" link. Now, you can enter addresses to open when Chrome starts. Each address you enter will start in a separate tab.
    • Now, enter the Yahoo pages that you want to load when Chrome starts. These pages will load whenever Chrome launches for the first time.


    All these steps will assist you with your Yahoo home page as a startup page on Chrome. get more information at Contactforservice.

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