5 Solutions to Resolve Gmail Not Working Issue

  • Gmail frequently suffers from errors that cause the service to stop working. Sometimes Gmail stops loading on Chrome or stops working in Chrome altogether. Various causes contribute to such errors, such as an older browser version or add-ons and extensions that create a restriction while using the service. If you are also questioning why is my Gmail not working, we are here to support you as we break down the most common Gmail issues with the solutions of how to solve them.


    Steps to Solve Gmail Not Working Issue

    There can be any number of issues with your system, but they can all be solved easily by following the below troubleshooting techniques.


    1. Close and Reopen Gmail

    The following is a simple yet functional troubleshooting method that generally works. Close and reopen Gmail to fix many common issues. If you're using Gmail on a browser, try restarting the entire app, rather than simply closing the tab.


    1. Check for Updates

    It is not always a problem to have an older version of Gmail, but it can sometimes cause unusual conflicts depending on the latest updates. This is especially true when they include extensive changes to server-side code. So, check the Google Play Store and see if any updates are available for Gmail.


    1. Remove your Google Account

    You can also restart your Gmail account by removing your Google account and re-adding it. This is the simplest way to accomplish this. It may cause you some problems since your Google account might run multiple services on your phone; however, it's worth a shot if none of the other techniques are working.


    1. Restart the Device

    Although this may sound foolish, it is the most common troubleshooting advice and works most of the time. But whenever you are searching for an answer, why wont my Gmail load? Simply restart your device. It just may solve the issue.


    1. Clear the Cache and Data

    Keeping data and cache in order is an important part of maintaining productivity, but they can become corrupted over time. To fix this issue, try to clear your data and start over. This will eliminate all information, including your account settings. This might solve any problem that keeps Gmail from loading. You'll need to log in and set everything up again.

    We aim to help you solve your Gmail not working or not loading issue with the presented steps, and we hope that the techniques will help you do so.

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