Head Line In Palmistry

  • The wisdom line is another name for the headline. It is one of the most significant lines in palmistry for predicting current life occurrences and analyzing future chances.

    Our thought process' type and direction are described in the headline. It starts where our psyche's tale begins, between our thumb and forefinger, and is related to our childhood at the base of our life line. The length of the headline reflects the range of our interests rather than our intelligence. Its arc and depth depict the mind's power and attitude.

    A deep, powerful, and clear head line denotes a strong-willed individual who can remain on course despite hurdles, focus for extended periods of time, and see a project through to completion. A head line frequently deepens and strengthens over time as the person develops her personality and discovers a sense of purpose.

    A level-headed individual has a straight and level head line, and is more interested in common sense and logical facts than theorizing or investigating alternatives. Science, an organized and practical career, or one that follows a time-honored tradition will pique this person's attention.