Nadi Dosha

  • Nadi dosha is a severe flaw that can bring a slew of issues in a couple's relationship. This nadi dosha is detected by comparing the horoscopes of the two prospective marriage partners. It arises when the nadi (or naadi) of the two proposed spouses is the same.

    Nadi (or Naadi) is one of the eight major aspects or Kootas in Vedic or Hindu Astrology that are fundamentally evaluated and studied for the goal of determining a perfect match for marriage. These eight kootas of kundli milan have a total of 36 points/Gunas, with the nadi koota receiving the highest number of points of any of the eight kootas of kundli milan at 8. This explains why nadi koota is so important in determining a match for a happy married life. The Kundli Milan is nothing more than a check and analysis of the two suggested marriage partners' mental, physical, and financial compatibilities.

    In general, the nadis of the intended husband and wife must for all intents and purposes be distinct for a happy and productive married life, which for the most part is quite significant. However, there might kind of be a slew of kind of other astrological variables in both spouses' birth charts that actually are powerful enough to mitigate or kind of remove the severity of this nadi dosh (similarity affliction). As a result, the presence of this nadi dosha, as well as the severity of its severity, must generally be determined with care in a sort of big way.