Moonga Stone

  • Moonga Stone is one of the most valuable and well-known gemstones in astrology. Praval or red coral gemstone is another name for it. It is a sign of change, peace, and harmony. The brilliant red coral gemstone is an organic gemstone created by living organisms deep in the water by coral polyps or Corallium Rubrum marine animals.


    The Appearance Of Moonga Stone

    The coral gemstone was originally white, but due to natural processes, it has become red. It comes in a variety of solid hues, including pink, black, pale orange, yellow, and brilliant red. People would be easily attracted to these hues once they start wearing them. It features a cute cutting shape that looks great on your fingers.

    It is boring by nature, yet it has a lovely look that makes it more appealing. To get a shiny and smooth texture, it must be polished. The highest-grade gemstone is red coral, which has a solid hue with no dark spots, stains, inclusions, or smudging. This is the one that most people like to utilize.