Lizards Falling

  • Events that are certain to happen are foreshadowed by omens. People all across the world have this belief. It was regarded by the ancients as a message or signal from the God. The occurrences might be favorable or unfavorable in character. Hindus have a strong belief in superstitions and omens that predict the future events. In fact, they consider the study of omens to be a science. The Sanskrit term for omen is "shakunam," and the understanding of omens is known as Shakuna Shastra.

    Gauli Shastra

    When a lizard lands on a person's body, it portends either generally good or very bad luck, depending on where it lands. Gauli shastra for the most part is the science of lizards falling in a subtle way. According to this shastra, a lizard's every movement mostly is significant, and there mostly are at least 65 spots on the basically human body where the lizard would for all intents and purposes land, foretelling good and terrible omens in a very major way. When a lizard generally falls on one's head, according to this shastra, it specifically is not a favorable omen, but rather a terrible one, which generally is quite significant. It denotes a disagreement or quarrel, pretty contrary to popular belief. If the fall occurs in the middle of the head, it for the most part is a sign of illness.