• Moonstone is an opalescent stone that is also known as Chandrakaantha Mani. Feldspar is the chemical name for this mineral. They can be orthoclase or albeit, one of the two kinds of feldspar. Sodium aluminium silicate or potassium aluminium silicate can be used. Moonstones are semi-precious stones that come in a variety of colours (Uparatna). They are milky-white stones that are soft.

    Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family. It's one of the most recently found semi-precious stones. It is well recognised for providing calming energy, as well as bringing tranquilly, peace, and balance to one's life. The moonstone is the birthstone of Cancer and is ruled by the planet Moon. The gem may be found all over the world, but the highest quality can be found in the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Sri Lanka.

    Moonstone is significant for those whose birth chart includes the planet Moon in the malefic state, because the planet Moon in Vedic astrology represents a person's qualities, behaviour, emotions, and personal requirements. It aids in the treatment of restlessness, insecurity, sadness, and other symptoms brought on by the Moon's negative effects.