Vaikasi Visakam

  • According to the Tamil calendar, Lord Muruga's birthday is celebrated on Vaikasi Visakam. It is observed in the month of Vaikasi, which falls between the months of May and June on the Gregorian calendar. The Nakshatra Vishaka coincides with the full moon or Purnima on Vaikasi Visakam. ‘Vaikasi Visakam' is celebrated with pomp and grandeur not just in India but across the world, particularly in areas where Tamils have a significant presence, such as Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    The Vaiksi Pournima, also known as Vaiski Paurnima, is a sacred full moon day in the month of Vaiksi, beneath the Viskam star. The Vaiksi moonlight bathes the world in a magnificent radiance, transforming the overarching sky into something limitless and immense. The moon slowly and softly wanders the night in her silver shoon' amid our tropical sky. As she walks slowly, the translucent clouds appear to salute her. Nature's beauty is definitely revealing itself in all of its splendor. And a silence, profound and weird, comes with this curiously lovely soft light of holiness, reminding Hindus and Buddhists of the significance of this hallowed day.