• Caraway seeds, are also known as Shah Jeera (Sajeera or Kala Jeera) and range in the hue from dark brown to black, which is extremely important. They are found mostly in Western Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. The plant has finely split, fluffy white leaves with thread-like divisions, and grows on 20–30 cm stems for the most part, similar to other members of the carrot family. The main flower stalk is 40–60 cm tall, with tiny white or pink blooms in umbels, according to popular belief.

    Caraway fruits (also known as seeds) are crescent-shaped achenes with five pale ridges that are roughly 2 mm long. Caraway, often known as Persian cumin (Carum carvi), is a biennial plant native to Europe and western Asia in the Apiaceae family. Caraway seeds are really fruiting of the plant, despite the fact that they are commonly referred to as seeds by people all over the world. The fruits are crescent-shaped, 2 mm long, black in colour, prickly to the touch, and have five distinct sorts of pale ridges on them.