Builds for the Path of Exile Harvest Duelist, from the beginnin

  • PoE 3.11 Harvest introduces a new non-player character (NPC) named Oshabi to the game, as well as a very powerful new craft system. Harvest Duelist Starter Endgame Builds for Champions, Gladiators, and Slayer are available for download in the latest version of PoE 3.11. Whichever build you prefer -- cheap and fast mapping or boss killer -- you will be able to find it here.

    PoE Harvest Duelist Impale Cyclone Champion Build - League Starter & Beginner Friendly! + All content is viable + Easy to play, Spin to Win! + Instant Life Leech feels super nice + Strong single target even with a tighter budget + League Starting Viable + Handle deep Delirium Mobs well + AFK Facetank 80% of the game + In depth Guide & SSF Viable + path of exile currency Min-Max to destroy Content + Slayer Version

    - Certain Bosses are unable to be Facetanked.
    No Leech Maps are difficult to clear, and Physical Reflect Maps are impossible to complete. The stat requirements are difficult to obtain, and the damage during Mobs cannot be taunted maps is low.

    What you require are the first three abilities. Blood rage is a good optional choice because it increases our chances of gaining a frenzy charge (even though we're usually already at 100%), as well as increasing our leech and attack speed. Another benefit of choosing Arakaali as your major god is that you will receive some extra-extra leech once you have stopped losing health (although I am not certain that this is still the case).

    If you have a 5 link, you can add increased AoE for the Cold Snap, increased duration for Steelskin, or you can add your ice golem here if you're tired of having to recast it all the time.

    Keep an eye on the levels of your gems. You can increase your Blood rage to lvl 14 for more DPS, but doing so will result in a longer poe orbs life degen, so proceed at your own risk.
    You can adjust the levels in PoB to meet your specific requirements, but Steelskin is one of our primary defenses, and the higher the level, the better. Going below lvl 14 Steelskin, in my opinion, is not worthwhile.

    Due to the fact that I have an extra slot here, I've added a frenzy skill. It was mostly useful in the early game, but if you're a paranoid type, it's a good idea to use it to charge up your frenzy charges at the start of a map so that you can move even faster.

    While the build can only be played with flicker, it is a simple and effective way to get a significant DPS boost against bosses. Throw your totems to the ground and revel in the fact that they are melting while acting as if you have consumed ten liters of coffee.

    The dread banner is required in order to have a 100% impale chance, while the ice golem is required for extra critical chance.
    When using the dread banner, you may find yourself in some serious mana trouble, especially on maps where there is no regeneration. It is possible to forego the banner and instead obtain a watcher's eye jewel, which has the mod '25% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks while using Pride' (it costs about 1 ex). This, however, will result in you losing crit chance as well as life from your jewel.

    Unfortunately, we must use enlighten, and I do not believe that lvl2 is sufficient. In standard, it's not a significant investment, but I'm aware that it can be costly in league play. If you decide to use this build as a league starter for whatever reason, you should probably skip the impale and instead focus on the DPS that appears in PoB.
    Currently, I use Assassin's mark instead poe currency of punishment, which allows me to flicker safely without having to use blood rage. I'm 99% certain that it isn't necessary, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Perforate is a complete waste of time in the early game because there won't be many opportunities to use it. Bladestorm, on the other hand, provides enough single target damage most of the time with better aoe. This is solely for late-game/bossing purposes.

    As a result of the flesh and stone and maiming support, nearby enemies suffer increased damage from both the flesh and stone and maiming support, which is extremely effective for single targets.

    Close Combat is a flex slot, which means you can substitute Rage, Melee Phys, or Pulverise for it. Finally, Close Combat almost matches the DPS of Rage with no ramp up, but it only works well if you are right on top of the enemy. Melee Phys is the most consistent, Pulverise is the worst for damage, but it gives more AoE, and finally Rage is the best for damage but has a nasty ramp up.

    Vaal Molten Shell works extremely well with our build because we naturally use a lot of armour gear, which increases the absorb's power significantly. My favorite thing about the CWDT is that I often forget to press the normal Molten Shell button while mapping, and Flame Golem is just a nice extra. You can switch between the blood and sand stances as often as you want; just remember that blood equals DPS and sand equals defense. Play in sand stance until you are comfortable with the build.

    Blood Rage is extremely effective, both for mapping and for bosses, because it grants frenzy charges on kill, but more importantly Path of Exile, it increases attack speed. You can rely on this to get your life leech cap and save a few points on the tree if you so desire.

    If you have portal scrolls, you can use blood magic here as well, which means none of your skills will cost mana if you have them. Enduring Cry is completely optional; it is simply a means of generating endurance charges for the purpose of defending oneself. Although I do not use it, it is available if you require additional defense.