How do Final Fantasy XIV players get the Eurekan Petrel mount?

  • There are not many mounts that Final Fantasy XIV players can buy in the game market, but Eurekan Petrel is one of them. Although most mounts are related to achievements or can be purchased directly with real money, this mount can be obtained in the game.

    Eurekan Petrel is a mount that combines water and space aesthetics, giving it a dreamlike atmosphere. It has blue scales and glowing wings with very detailed textures. It also includes carpets and vests for the character to ride comfortably. But it is not easy for players to obtain FFXIV Gil. The Eurekan Petrel mount has a low drop rate and can only be obtained from a gold box rewarded by certain Eurekan's notorious monsters.

    Chests can have several different rarity levels, and mounts can only be dropped from gold chests. Players team up with some Final Fantasy XIV Gil and farm these FATE together, and it is best not to be disturbed by the mobs in the area when they reach a higher level.

    Another way for players to obtain Eurekan Petrel is to purchase it directly. The price of Eurekan Petrel will vary based on the number of players who have adventures in Eurekan and have a chance to get a mount. In any case, it will cost players millions of FFXIV Gil, which is as expensive as a house. Before the release of Endwalker on November 23, now may be the best time to buy it.