How can Final Fantasy XIV players get FFXIV Gil without Craftin

  • Production is tedious, expensive, and in most cases, quite boring. Sometimes, craftsmen may spend more than ten hours to complete a set of equipment. Not every player in Final Fantasy XIV wants to deal with these things. Now I want to tell you something. With some hard work and some luck, players can obtain FFXIV Gil without touching craftsmanship or collecting work.

    The materials in Final Fantasy XIV are very rich. Players can collect raw materials such as skins, feathers, claws, horns, etc. dropped from monsters, dungeons or trials, which can bring them considerable benefits. They can set aside an hour or two to focus on specific mobs or items and kill enough 99 items for sale. If the player's price is right, the craftsman will snatch them from you. However, it does not stop there. Older content can indeed bring some good FFXIV Gil for players.

    The second method is that players can make their retainers work. First, the goal is to fill the market slot of each retainer with items for sale. The more items a player has in various categories, the greater the chance of sales. Second, the goal is to maximize their retainers in any work they have a cap on. It is important to know that the things brought back by these retainers are usually very amazing. These include rare minions, cosmetics, adventure boxes that can contain pure white or dark black dye, and more. By using this method, players can earn more Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

    Players can create a complete party static group dedicated to making treasure maps. According to the player's luck, they can get profit from any place where 10-100k Gil is multiplied by 8 per map, because all party members should have a map before departure. In addition to the guaranteed FFXIV Gil, players can also get millions of handicrafts, tens of millions of servants, and even unique outdoor furniture.

    There are many other ways to get FFXIV Gil without Crafting, but we think this is the best starting point. Most importantly, find the most interesting method for the player himself!