How do Final Fantasy XIV players own the Rathalos mount?

  • Final Fantasy XIV has no shortage of terrifying beasts as mounts, but some are more popular than others. This is the case with the Rathalos mount. Due to its majestic appearance, highly detailed scales and dedicated music tracks, the mount is also very popular in the Final Fantasy XIV community. However, it is not easy for players to obtain it.

    There is a way for players who want to quickly unlock the Rathalos mount. First, players need to quickly obtain 50 Rathalos Scales and unlock the mount’s whistle, but before that they need to unlock The Great Hunt quest. Then, players need to find three players to form a team to complete FFXIV Gil as quickly as possible in unsynchronized mode. You can also create a party finder group to recruit the players you need and assign it to install the farm.

    If the player defeats Rathalos shortly before this training, the player will have no problem completing it in extreme mode. First of all, players should not forget to use the duty action, it will replenish the life value for free in the battle. At this point Rathalos will head to the center of the area. Designate a player to use active maneuver to install it. This player must fill it up when installing it, because they will be hurt at this stage.

    Another point is that when the player is teaming up with other players, it is better to have a voice chat, so that one person can take action at the right time and better coordinate the group. Well, the guide on how to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil for Final Fantasy XIV players is over, and I will continue to bring the relevant content of Final Fantasy XIV later. 

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