FIFA 22: FIFA 22 Adidas Numbersup promotion has confirmed the r

  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will launch a new special player item this week, and Adidas athletes will continue to upgrade in FIFA 22.

    So far, one player participating in this promotion has been identified, and this event will become a complete FIFA 22 promotion, so we can expect at least 21 FIFA 22 Coins players to join before the release.

    As for this upcoming event, the official did not disclose too much information, so there is not much information we can know so far, such as confirmed players, expected players, and release dates.

    The FIFA 22 Adidas Numbersup promotion will start at 18:00 GMT on Friday, November 12th. The only player currently confirmed is Dortmund's Giovanni Reyna.

    The live broadcast shows that Reyna's speed can reach 99, so his data can increase throughout the season.

    In a tweet from the creator of the relevant content, he uploaded a piece of work from the Adidas website, which also included a series of football sneakers from the latest series of Adidas.

    When the player is released, it can be promoted, but at present it is unclear how it works. We don’t know the answer to this question as to whether players can get 99 points of statistics while also gaining other statistics.

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