Waterproof Fabric Supplier Introduces The Reasons For Hidden Ho


    Waterproof Fabric Supplier introduces the causes of hidden horizontal strips and preventive rectification measures:

    1 Reasons:

    ①Due to poor installation accuracy or serious wear due to aging of the equipment, the level and concentricity deviation of the circular knitting machine needle cylinder exceeds the allowable tolerance. A common problem is that the gap between the positioning pin of the large transmission gear plate and the positioning groove of the machine frame is too large, which causes the needle cylinder to be not stable enough in operation, which seriously affects the yarn feeding and unwinding. In addition, due to equipment aging and mechanical wear

    , Promote the longitudinal and radial sway of the main transmission gear plate to increase the concentricity of the needle cylinder and produce deviations, resulting in the fluctuation of the yarn feeding tension, resulting in abnormal coil size, and serious hidden horizontal stripes on the fabric.

    ②During the production process, the variable speed dial adjustment slider of the yarn feeding mechanism is embedded with foreign objects such as flying flowers, which affects its roundness. The speed of the synchronous toothed belt is abnormal, and the yarn feeding amount is unstable, which leads to the production of hidden horizontal stripes.

    ③The circular knitting machine is difficult to overcome the shortcomings of the large difference in yarn tension during the yarn feeding process, and it is easy to cause accidental elongation of the yarn and the difference in the yarn feeding amount, thereby forming a hidden horizontal strip.

    ④Circular knitting machine with intermittent coiling mechanism, the tension fluctuates greatly during the coiling process, and the length of the coil is likely to be different.

    2 Preventive rectification measures:

    ①Plate the positioning surface of the gear plate to a proper thickness, and control the shaking of the gear plate between 1 and 2 wires. Polish and polish the bottom ball track, add grease to flatten the bottom of the needle cylinder with a soft and thin elastic body, and strictly control the radial sway of the needle cylinder at about 2 threads. The sinker triangle needs to be calibrated regularly so that the distance between the sinker triangle and the new sinker tail is controlled between 30 and 50 wires.

    The deviation of the triangle position of the sinker should be controlled within 5 filaments as far as possible, so that the sinker maintains the same tension of the yarn holding when the loop is retracted.

    ②Control the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Generally, the temperature is controlled at about 25℃ and the relative humidity is controlled at 75% to prevent the phenomenon of attracting flying dust caused by static electricity. At the same time, necessary dust collection measures are taken to keep clean and hygienic, strengthen machine maintenance, and ensure the operation of various rotating parts. normal.

    ③ Transform the mechanism into a sequential yarn feeding mechanism, reduce the tension difference in the yarn guiding process, install a speed monitoring device, and stabilize the yarn feeding tension.

    ④ Transform the intermittent winding mechanism into a continuous winding mechanism to ensure the continuity of the fabric curling process and the stability and uniformity of the roll tension.

    Through the above introduction, Washed Silk Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.