Pigment Printing Fabric Supplier Introduces What Is Rotary Scre

  • In ancient times, it was often used as dowry bedding, cloth for clothing and footwear. Because printed fabric is a patterned fabric, and its patterns are various, beautiful and fashionable, breaking through the singleness of pure color fabrics, and enriching people's material life enjoyment. Below, Pigment Printing Fabric Supplier introduces Type of printing:

    1. Screen printing. Let the color paste pass through where it needs to be printed, and close the area where it is not needed. Therefore, a screen needs to be used for a color, and printing has higher requirements for flowers, and a slight deviation will cause color overlap.
    2. Rotary screen printing refers to pressing the color paste printing on the hollow pattern through the rotating shaft. Rotary screen printing has very high efficiency and large output, but it has limitations in color and luster.
    3. Transfer printing refers to the use of disperse dyes and inks to print patterns on a specific gravure paper to make thermal transfer printing paper. Then, the corresponding pattern is printed on the fabric under high temperature and high pressure at about 210℃400T. Its advantage is that it is very high-end, and it can be distinguished from other printed patterns in that the printed patterns are distinct.

    Through the above introduction, Washed Cotton Fabric Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.