Elyon Slayer Class Gameplay - An Exceptional DPS CAC

  • Elyon has already been released in Korea, which means updates have already been made. During the beta phase we will not have access to all the updated content since its release, in fact, the developers have chosen to offer us a version prior to January, not including the last class released: the Slayer and yet we will linger a bit because this class is just magnificent both in its gameplay and in its design! Focus on the Slayer!



    A sixth class is available in Elyon. During the beta phase planned in April for Europe and America we will only have access to the first 5 released classes: the Mystic, the Elementalist, the Gunner, the Warlord and the Assassin but when the game will be released , there is a good chance that we have access to the Slayer, a DPS CAC of hell, both for its gameplay and its design that will conquer all players and it is clearly THE CLASS we want to play for earning cheap Elyon gold, but it is also the one that we will not be able to test, to our greatest despair!

    Equipped with a two-handed weapon, the Slayer is a rather slow but nagging DPS, with a berserker mode that promises very, very heavy damage, this class is characterized by its dangerousness when it enters this mode. In addition to a super attractive appearance, thanks to the presentation video, we discover a very powerful class with quite maddening combat potential!


    Rather balanced, the Slayer seems to be a hybrid class both in Tanking and in attack, if we put aside its slightly degraded speed due to its weaponry, we can say to ourselves in good faith, that the Slayer is THE CLASS that will be talked about.


    Released with the January update in Korea, the Slayer should therefore not be available right away, although the publisher and developers promise that a quick upgrade will take place so that all players in the world are quickly to the same level of content.


    The Slayer will therefore use a heavy two-handed sword, his equipment, also heavy, will slow down his attacks but will make a perfect hybrid DPS, capable of both tanking and dealing heavy damage to his opponents. Perfect for players who like to do a bit of both and can't decide between the Warlord and the Assassin!