The Recycling Of Pail Mould

  • Learning the Pail Mould basic properties is a good start for your Plastic Paint Pail Injection Molding business – manufacturing nice plastic paint pails with stronger competitiveness. So if you have no clue or are going to do the market research on the plastic paint pail, you are in right place here! Check the following basic specifications and properties of plastic paint pail and then learning more.

      Plastic Paint Pail Basic Specifications

      There are outstandingly wide range of plastic paint pails includes numerous sizes in all shapes and materials, because of the different market demand.

      Such as:

      Material - new or recycled thermoplastic plastic: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE).

      Shape: round, oval, square, rectangular…

      Size: from 1L to 30L… (So many different volumes you could find in market)

      Appearance: Besides the pattern, the decorations way is also being updated. (Which will be simple introduced later.)

      A slight smell - recycled materials

      Packaging pail made from recycled materials for paint usually could be ok for the users when other properties are nice. But it is still important to find more to decide use recycled material or not.

      Reaction to chemicals - thermoplastic plastic

      As the paint pails could be made by different material with additive, and so are the paints, there would be reaction of plastic to special paints. Hence you could help customers do the test for the possible reaction or make it as a note to avoid disputes.

      Storage requirement - UV protected

      To prevent damage by UV irradiation, the plastic paint pails should be stored indoors or covered with UV stable plastic tarps.

      Storage requirement - dry and constant temperature

      Plastic paint pails should be stored in dry, clean and cool rooms, otherwise, they cannot avoid contamination by dust and dirt even though some of the paint pails with an antistatic agent.

      Filling - paint temperature

      Pay attention on the available filling temperature for paint pails. That would help you make your paint pail more different.

      Loading capacity - static and dynamic loads

      Take care about the static and dynamic loads are permitted for filling, storage and transport. And if your paint pail could be lighter at the same loads capacity, it would be one of your biggest competitiveness.

      Decorations way - individualization

      Attractive appearance could play a crucial role in drawing consumers to buy the paint pails. That’s why the decorations way for plastic paint pails is being updated to be better. Now there usually are 3 types:

      In Plastic Bucket Mould labeling (IML): make the pattern and plastic paint pails form an inseparable unit.

      Heat transfer printing: it is a further process to print the simple pattern.

      Digital Print: transfer printing in the CMYK color mode.